Monday, June 27, 2016

Visitors at Our Home in May…

We really love having visitors come to our home… We document many of the visits with a photo or two.  Here are a few photos of some of our guests during the month of May.

The Bluebird family spent a lot of time working over our feeder.  Here they’re resting on top of the screened porch roof before going back for another helping of suet. Baby Bluebird next to her has got to be fed!

This was one of our more unusual visitors…a male rose-breasted Grosbeak. 

We have to maintain regular vigilance to prevent another regular visitor to the feeder from cleaning it out!  The squirrels climb up the screen on the porch and jump over to the feeder or the more agile ones will just leap up to it from the deck railing… So far this year we’ve only had to chase off one Raccoon but we had a couple of them visit last year.

This red-bellied woodpecker has been a regular visitor, stopping by for a snack many,many times each day.

While the red-bellied woodpecker likes the seeds, he seems to prefer the suet cakes. 

We have a hard time keeping the cakes ‘in stock’ as one or more of our local crows has learned about this food source.  They’re as big as the feeder so it’s a grab and fly situation…a bit like a passenger jet trying to land on an aircraft carrier!

Laurie snapped this photo of a Blue Jay on top of the post for our mailbox.  I’m not sure who was checking who out!  He may have been wondering if he could grab a bite to eat at our house…

Yup!  He showed up on the deck to clean up after the other messy birds.  Blue Jays regularly visit our feeder along with a big family of Cardinals, numerous Wrens, Mockingbirds, Nuthatches & three other Woodpeckers.

We even had people visit us during the month!  Carol and Randy from Chicago stopped by the house and then we went out to lunch.  They had made the trip down to East Tennessee from the Chicago area to visit family in Knoxville.  Yours truly is seated at the right of the photo.

Laurie is in the middle of this photo… We had lunch at the Tanasi Grill in the Tanasi Golf Clubhouse at Tellico Village in Loudon County Tennessee.  The food was very nice and we enjoyed the expansive view of Tellico Lake.
To learn more about the Tanasi Grill and to see some photos, just go to  

This large family of Whitetail Deer stopped by to say hello one evening.  They are volunteer arborists that keep the forest pruned and occasionally provide the same service for some of our bushes and plantings.  Some folks complain about these neighbors but we always love it when they drop by.  We just don’t plant much that they like to graze on…

That’s it for now.  Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave  


  1. You definitely have your share of visitors, Dave! It looks like you feed them well and they love to visit. Love the Blue Jays but we haven't seen any for several years when they had a nest with 3 little ones. We have our share of deer, coyotes, raccoons, etc. and the wrens are on their second nest in the same wren house, noisy as all get out, esp. when our cat goes outside. It's great that you have people too! :-) Have a Happy 4th! Take care

  2. It still makes me smile to see pics with you in a beard :-)

  3. Looks like a nice place to have lunch with your friends.
    The birds are so beautiful. The deer are so beautiful as well. It is nice to be so close to nature for you.