Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Another Quality Breakfast!

It wasn’t all that long ago that Laurie and I complained about a lack of restaurants here in East Tennessee that serve a good solid basic breakfast.  At least for now, that foodie issue has been resolved.  Between Mama’s  Grits/Classico Restaurant in Tellico Village (Loudon County), Sami’s in Knoxville and Fat Stacks in Madisonville (Monroe County),we now have plenty of choices…

So why not see if we could add one more breakfast option to our list of places to start our morning out?  Don Delfi’s Pancake House and Restaurant in Farragut Tennessee hasn’t been open very long.  But I’d seen a couple of positive comments about this establishment on Nextdoor…so we decided to check it out.    

Don Delfi’s Pancake House and Restaurant is in a building that was occupied for some time by a Mexican restaurant.  The inside is bright and airy and the dining area was clean.  

As it turns out, Don Delfi’s serves breakfast from open to close each day!  We love that because we love breakfast…

Laurie asked for her eggs over easy and her hash brown potatoes crispy. ($6.75) The cook in the kitchen got it just right!  This platter of food included 2 eggs (1 was a double yoke) a bit of cantaloupe, 3 slices of bacon and the hash- brown potatoes extra crispy.  It was accompanied by toast or a biscuit…Laurie chose sourdough toast.  She liked her breakfast and the fact that 3 slices of bacon came with it.  Her only negative was that she was sure that the bacon had been ‘pre-cooked’.

A piece of cantaloupe even came with this big half order of biscuit and sausage gravy that we shared. ($4.99) The biscuit was not only good but homemade and huge as well.  This sausage gravy was about as good as we’ve had recently!  Nothing went to waste…

Service at Don Delfi’s Pancake House and Restaurant was efficient and friendly.  The menu for breakfast and lunch is huge!   FYI…the restroom was well maintained. 

I ordered something that was a bit off the menu.  For my breakfast meat, I asked if they could substitute gyro meat for my usual sausage patties.  No problem, although the 4 strips of gyro meat drove the price for my breakfast cost up to $8.25 vs. $6.75 with the sausage.

The eggs were great as were the hash brown potatoes.  I was hopeful for the gyros but I should have known better.  I’ve never had quality gyro meat that wasn’t sliced right off a loaf on a roasting split…which I’ve been told aren’t legal around here. (?) The accompanying tzatziki sauce was OK but it lacked the garlic bite that one hopes for… (Toto, we’re not in Chicago anymore!)

I was concerned about the handmade sign on the front door that told customers that only breakfast and lunch were now being served during “Winter Hours”.  Don Delfi’s is located just off Kingston Pike (US Hwy. 11) on 120 West End Avenue in Farragut Tennessee.  Phone: 865-288-3696.  I wasn’t able to find a website for this restaurant.

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  1. Hash browns and eggs, biscuits and gravy, crispy bacon - hog heaven for me.

  2. I love eggs for breakfast,yum☺ But I usually eat hash browns for dinner, anyway they are always delicious☺

  3. I love eggs for breakfast, it is my favourite! Laurie's breakfast sounds like my kind of breakfast! Lovely photos, Dave. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Breakfast is my fave meal and I could really dig into Laurie's now!!! Bill would definitely go for yours. They both look delicious! It's hard to beat a good breakfast and it looks like you found a good restaurant to enjoy it in. Have a good day!

    Weird with the gyro meat, you know that's not the case around here.