Wednesday, January 25, 2017


All birthdays are important and they should be special.  However, some birthdays are much more special than others!  This post to my blog is all about one very extraordinary birthday…

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See the little girl in that truck with the milk cans in the back?  That was Laurie’s Aunt Lois ca. 1916.  She’s with her mother.  Her father and her sister Doris, (my wife Laurie’s mother), are sitting on the running board.  The family operated a butter making business in Stockton/Bancroft Wisconsin for many years. 

Jumping ahead a mere 25 years to January 1941, this is Lois and her husband John’s wedding photo.  As it happens, Lois and her sister Doris married brothers John and Robert.  The family is loaded with double cousins! I believe it’s three or four generations at least!

This is that little girl in the Ford truck just a “few” years later!  Note that she has only 3 candles on her birthday cake!  Time flies!  Aunt Lois has just celebrated her 103rd Birthday!

Aunt Lois has a lot of energy but even so, I’ll bet that she was glad that she didn’t have to blow out 103 candles! 

Laurie’s sisters all live in the St. Louis Missouri area not too far from where Aunt Lois has her apartment.  Unfortunately, we live over 8 hours away…so flowers and a phone call were in order.  The 4 nieces also chipped in to cover Aunt Lois’ beauty salon visits for the year.  However Laurie’s sisters, Bonnie, Glenda and Karole got together and helped celebrate the occasion. 

In addition to her loving nieces, her 3 sons, Alan, Jimmy and Johnny all stopped by to help with the celebration along with Johnny’s wife Rose, who has been a big help to Aunt Lois over the past few years.  A granddaughter and great granddaughter also stopped by for the occasion.

Did I mention that Aunt Lois is as sharp as a tack…and that she’s a Skip-Bo card shark!  She wins many more games than she loses… She also has a better memory than her nieces do!  Despite the many visitors that stopped by to wish her well, she remembered all of their names and always introduced everyone to her nieces…

Happy 103rd Birthday Aunt Lois!  You are an inspiration to all of us and a true gift to our family!

Love, Laurie and Big Daddy Dave


  1. What lovely lady David.
    I whish her a blessing happy birthday <3

  2. She looks great for 103 and so good to still be sharp as a tack.

  3. Aunt Lois is beautiful, and I wish her a very happy birthday! Lovely photos and post, Dave! Please give her a hug for me. :)

  4. Lucky Aunt Lois! She looks great and to still be winning at cards is a bonus! Her hair is very pretty! I'd love to know her secret to longevity! Happy Birthday to Aunt Louis!

  5. What a lovey cake. Happy birthday Aunt Lois.

  6. What a wonderful day to celebrate. An inspiring lady. Happy Birthday to Aunt Lois!