Friday, February 3, 2017

A Touch of Greek in Cedartown Georgia

I had planned to be further along in our drive than we were when we decided that it was time for lunch.  We skip breakfast when we’re driving long distances so we were getting a bit hungry…

I had researched restaurants in Carrollton Georgia, (Highland Deli and Grill), as well as in Roanoke Alabama, (Gedney’s Restaurant and Grill.  However since I’d blown our schedule wandering around Rome Georgia, Laurie got out her cell phone and found us an alternative choice…

This is Zorba’s Restaurant in Cedartown Georgia.  Zorba’s has been in business for over 37 years and some employees have been with this restaurant for just as long.  The owners came to the USA from Greece back in 1970 and they’ve been in the restaurant business ever since they got here.

It was a bit after the normal lunch hour when we arrived.  The dining area was clean and well lit.  It appears that when they’re busy, 2 tables of 4 can end up sitting right up against each other…

Sorry about our photos… We were hungry and we’d started eating before our minds clicked and we remembered to take a couple of photos. 

Laurie went for the Gyros (beef and lamb) Sandwich with tomatoes, pickles, onion and tzatziki sauce.  We asked our waitress if there was any garlic in the sauce… She told us that there used to be but the recipe had been modified to fit local tastes and garlic isn’t all that popular in Cedartown.  Laurie ordered it anyway and considering that it wasn’t cut from a revolving spit and the sauce lacked garlic, she said that her lunch was just fine…better than average for the southeastern USA.

Laurie’s gyros also came with this order of ‘steak’ fries.  They were decent if not exceptional.  After that plate of gyros, she couldn't finish the fries...

Although Zorba's is listed as a Greek and Italian restaurant, it’s more Italian and American than it is Greek.  Other than the beef/lamb combination gyros and chicken gyros, the only other Greek items I remember on the menu were a Greek salad, souvlaki and baklava.  There was a long list of Italian dishes as well as pizza.  The menu also contained a number of steaks, chops and seafood items.

Knowing that I was on a trip where I would confront some great food and that I would be facing temptation for the next week or so, I opted for steamed broccoli as my side dish.  It was done nicely and yes…I ate the whole thing!

As in Laurie’s case, I'd also violated my lunch offering before we took photos… I’d ordered the Prime Rib Sandwich au Jus.  The beef was plentiful as well as very nice and tender.  The au jus kicked it up another notch as it should.
I will admit that 2 sandwiches don’t really give you the full measure of a restaurant but our experience was positive…certainly a cut above average. Service was friendly and helpful and the price was right.  Our lunch cost $21.38 with tax before tip.

Zorba’s Restaurant is located at 805 North Main Street in Cedartown Georgia.  Phone: 770-748-8490.   Trip Advisor ranks this restaurant as #1 in Cedartown out of more than 20 choices.  At the time that this was written, there were 62 Excellent/Very Good vs. 4 Poor/Terrible reviews.  I’d take those odds any time!  I could not find a website or Facebook page for Zorba’s Restaurant.

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Looks good, love Greek food minus gyros. Where's the Saganaki, that's given at Greek restaurants. Those fries would be great for breakfast now! Looks like you enjoyed a good mix of foods! Have a fun weekend and take care.

  2. You all do find lots of neat places to eat when you travel. I couldn't eat a big lunch AND dinner when we travel --or else, I'd gain 20 pounds... ha.... We eat a lite lunch in the car (banana and peanut butter and sometimes a protein bar) --and then we eat a good sized dinner at night.....

    Your lunches looked good--especially that broccoli. One never knows if restaurants will cook broccoli to my taste...


  3. I do love Greek cuisine, Dave, and your meals look very good! From my experience here in Montreal, THE best lamb chops are made in a Greek restaurant, as they know how to prepare them to perfection! Thank you so much for sharing.