Friday, February 10, 2017

California Style Mexican Restaurant

It was dark when we arrived at the hotel for our overnight stay in Dothan Alabama.  I’d pre-selected 3 possible dining options, one of which was downtown.  The other 2 were located close to our hotel… Both offered Mexican cuisine.

We chose the Cactus Flower Café because, as you can see from the sign, they claimed to offer a twist on Mexican food with California Style Mexican Cuisine.  

Admittedly, the dining room was not what we traditionally find in southeastern USA Mexican restaurants.  With tile floors, tablecloths, arched doors, crosses and other wall décor, it provided sort of a southwestern hacienda feel… 

I started out with the Cactus Flower version of Tortilla Soup.  This chicken tortilla soup was a bit spicy/hot with Jalapeno added to the cilantro, Monterey Jack cheese and a squeeze of lime.  I really liked it and it was different than any Tortilla Soup that I have had here in the south.
The first Cactus Flower Café was opened in 2001 in Pensacola Florida.  There is now a second location in Pensacola, with others in Navarre and Pensacola Beach.  In addition to the Dothan location, another Alabama location can be found in Gulf Shores.

As usual, our server brought us a bowl of corn chips and salsa.  I didn’t care for the salsa but Laurie thought that it was OK.  For once I didn’t finish off the chips…

Laurie loves quesadillas so she ordered Cactus Flower’s Smokin’ Flat Iron Steak Quesadilla.  This quesadilla came with grilled flat iron steak, smoked Gouda cheese, Monterey Jack cheese and tomatillo Verde salsa.  It was served with sour cream and fresh garden salsa.  It was also drizzled with Sante Fe sauce… Laurie really enjoyed this variation on her normal quesadilla!  She let me eat one wedge of her dinner and I agreed that it was very good.

For my entrée I ordered the Carne Asada Steak and Fries.  Grilled pieces of grilled flat iron steak and a generous amount of melted cheddar covered a pile of French fries drizzled with lime sour cream, tomatillo Verde salsa and pico de Gallo.  It was sided with a heap of guacamole.

I don’t care for guacamole but Laurie does so she was happy to lighten the load on my plate…and it was good guacamole too!  The tomatillo Verde salsa didn’t provide enough ‘spicy punch’ for me but I’d tasted Laurie’s Sante Fe sauce and it had a bit of heat so I asked our waitress for some.  It went well with the steak and the French fries too! 

I have to agree that Cactus Flower’s menu has a number of items or adaptations of items that differ from the norm among restaurants here in the southeastern USA.  We enjoyed our meal!  FYI…the cost of our meal after taxes but before tip came to $35.94.

The Cactus Flower Café in Dothan Alabama is located at 5412 Montgomery Highway.  Phone: 334-984-0717.  The Company’s website is found at

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Thanks for stopping by to see what was for dinner!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  1. The decor is very nice, Dave! This would be too hot and spicy for me...but I am really glad you enjoyed your meal! Thank you so much for sharing.