Monday, May 22, 2017

Easter Brunch at The Chop House – Knoxville Tennessee

Once again, our friends Linda and Norm invited us to do something we just never do.  The last time it was dinner out on Valentine’s Day…something we just haven’t done because of the crowds, service issues, etc.  That experience did work out well, so when they asked us if we’d like to join them for Easter Brunch/early afternoon dinner, we readily agreed!

This is The Chop House on Kingston Pike (US Hwy 11) in west Knoxville.

The Chop House is part of Connor Concepts, Inc.  Connor Concepts operates 12 Chop House locations in 4 states as well as 4 Connor’s Steakhouse locations in 3 states.  The first Chop House opened way back in 1992…25 years ago as of this year. 

The interior of The Chop House is large and roomy with the tables comfortably spaced so diners don’t feel crowded…

We took this photo a little late…as this appetizer had already been attacked before we remembered to take a photo.  These are Mozzarella Wedges with Marinara. ($8.00) Norm and Linda did enjoy them and it wasn’t for the first time either!

Laurie and went a different route for our appetizer.  This is Pizza Florentine. ($9.00) It has a crispy thin crust with creamed spinach, cheese, diced tomato, jalapeño and artichokes.  There is an option to add chicken for 2 more dollars.  Laurie and I really enjoyed it…excellent!

I don’t always include photos of side salads, but these 2 were better than average and deserve mentioning.  The top one is the House Salad which Linda enjoyed where as Laurie and I both had a side Caesar Salad.  Our salads were flavor packed…and we could actually taste anchovy…a rarity here in East Tennessee.

Norm ordered the 12 oz. Chop House Pork Chop. ($16.00) This thick, bone-in cut pork chop was sided with baked cinnamon apples and a jumbo sweet potato.  In retrospect, I should have ordered this luscious pork chop.  It was cooked perfectly, not overdone as is frequently the case with pork dishes in restaurants.

Linda went for the Filet of Beef Medallions. (6 oz. $23.00 or 9 oz. $27.00) She also went for a baked sweet potato.  Linda was very happy with her entrée!

Laurie and I both went for a 10 oz. ribeye cooked medium rare. ($21.00) She chose spinach as her side and also asked for béarnaise sauce on the side. ($4.00) A 14 oz. ribeye is also available on the menu for $25.00.

This was my ribeye steak.  It was a tad rarer than I like.  My side was something you don’t see on too many menus…sugar snap peas.  I love sugar snap peas!
Laurie and I agreed that the steaks were OK…a bit better than average for the money…but not great.  Like I said before, I should have ordered that big pork chop.  Service was competent and pleasant and our experience at The Chop House was far better than the one we had at its more expensive sister restaurant…Connor’s Steakhouse.

Hey Norm and Linda…Thanks for the invitation!!

The Chop House on the west side of Knoxville is located at 9700 Kingston Pike/US Hwy. 11.  Phone: 865-531-2467.  This Chophouse location is on the Internet at
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  1. It looks like a comfortable and fun setting, Dave. And the dishes look delicious!

  2. Before retirement we ate there several times, I always had the big pork chop and it was always good

  3. Looks delicious.... We don't usually eat out on holidays either --but obviI posted a full moon on my blog today... Your meals look delicious... YUM....

    We ate at one of the best Mexican Restaurant we have ever eaten in. There's only one in TN so far, in Brentwood.. We went to visit G's daughter and son there and they took us there.. This restaurant makes everything from scratch including their tortillas, their chips, etc... EXCELLENT... IF you ever get to that area, check it out.. Quite different from any Mexican Rest. we have been to... OR you can look them up online and see where they have other locations since you like to travel also.


  4. Sorry for such a mess on my comment.... I will not use apostrophes anymore --IF I think about it... ha..... Also the restaurant is named Uncle Julio's Mexican Restaurant.... EXCELLENT --at least we were pleased...

  5. Oops.... Julios had an apostrophe.... ha

  6. Looks like a truly incredible Easter Brunch! And what a lovely place...those mozzarella wedges sounds fabulous. I know I'd love them too ^_^