Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Twin Peaks – Knoxville Tennessee

My son and I have been threatening to take my grandson David III to a Twin Peaks restaurant in the Omaha area for the last couple of years.  Of course, with Twin Peaks being known for its ‘scantily’ clad waitresses, he wants nothing to do with visiting this restaurant chain with a couple of old folks…

Finally, based on comments by friends here in East Tennessee, and driven by curiosity, I convinced Laurie that we should check out the Knoxville branch of Twin Peaks… It certainly has a much more upscale exterior appearance than either a Hooters or a Tilted Kilt restaurant.

A huge bar dominates the center of this restaurant.  Note the TV’s… This is definitely a sports bar on steroids!

Twin Peaks is a big restaurant too!  There were lots of tables in the front area beyond the bar as well as on either side of it… The décor is heavy on warm woods accented by lighting that gives that north woods or mountain forest feel.

In addition to the “woodsy” feel, Twin Peaks décor includes numerous taxidermy mounts as well as signs that help create the feel of a ‘male orientated environment.  Note the deer’s butt above the exit…

This is yours truly with our very nice waitress.  She is 18 or 19 and she looks about 15.  She was old enough to serve beer… Waitresses were all wearing those plaid tied-off tops with low riding shorts and big belts.  For those who worry about feminine exposure in these types of restaurants, my wife and I agreed that the ‘uniforms’ here are relatively modest in comparison.  I did read that the uniforms can vary from location to location and also seasonally...

So…what about the food at Twin Peaks?

As with Hooters, the menu at Twin Peaks is relatively modest in scope.  However, it is much more imaginative and upscale in its offerings.  We started out with “Billionaire’s Bacon”; thick cut bacon seasoned with brown sugar, red chile flakes and smoked paprika. ($4.95) It was excellent!

There are 12 different “Bites”/Appetizers listed on the menu.  Most of these items are fairly standard.  However the Triple Play with house made avocado smash, fire roasted salsa and chipotle queso with tortilla chips and the Bacon Jam Sliders…grilled mini burgers with smoked Gouda, bacon jam, roasted garlic mustard and pickles on a potato bun are creative to say the least.

As a matter of fact for my meal I ordered another item off the “Bites” portion of the menu.  These are the Buttermilk Chicken Sliders. ($8.99) The sliders include battered fried chicken, more of that billionaire’s bacon, American cheese, jalapeno gravy, honey butter and hollandaise sauce on house made buttermilk black pepper biscuits.  I loved this combination and I’d definitely order it again.

The Salads and Soups portion of the menu includes a Greek salad, venison chili; ale enhanced blonde bean and bacon soup and green chile chicken soup.  Handhelds include 5 different hamburgers and 6 other items such as the Sicilian, a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, a Philly cheese steak and Blackened Fish Tacos.

Eight items are also listed as Hot Dishes.  Laurie chose the Beer Battered Fish and Chips. ($8.99) The fish was plentiful and perfectly fried.  She also liked her house made tartar sauce.  The French fries were better than average too…

Other choices in the Hot Dishes portion of the menu include Pot Roast, salmon, chicken and shrimp, steaks and chicken fried steak or chicken.  Desserts offered include a sundae, bread pudding and a mini apple turnover.

Menu wise and as relates to the quality of the food served, Twin Peaks ‘smokes’ its competitors!  Yes…the clientele were mostly male but there were a couple of women and at least one family dining here during the off-peak period when we had our lunch.
This rapidly expanding restaurant chain now has 80 locations scattered across the USA plus 1 location in Kazan Russia.  Twin Peaks in Knoxville is located at 135 North Northshore Drive.  Phone: 865-622-5730.  Website:

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  1. Hello, Do you ever hear back from any of the restaurants you feature? They should give you some free meals!!!!! We have bragged on our inn here in Ocean Isle Beach so much (Islander Inn) that it is now so popular that it's even hard to find a parking place. AND--for the first time in over 10years coming here, we did NOT get the room we requested... Bah!!!!!!! SO---I need to quit bragging about this place... ha

    Can't possibly take George to a place like Twin Peaks. I have a hard enough time holding onto him here at the beach with all of these gorgeous young bikini babes around... I'm afraid he would want to trade me in on a new model.... ha


  2. Food all looks really good and the place looks very impressive

  3. Hi Dave, I love the photo of you and the waitress, very nice! The dishes look creative and tasty. Nice ambiance, I must say, even though I am not a fan of sports bars. Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed this post.