Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Champy’s – Chattanooga Tennessee

Following our Tennessee River cruise in Chattanooga, it was time for an early dinner.

Note: All 3 sisters are on a diet that allows them a 4 – 5 hours ‘window’ in which they can eat…and although that window can be shifted to fit the day’s activities…they managed to stay in their windows for the entire week.  The best part for them was although they ate what they wanted during their ‘windows’ all week, they still lost weight.

In any case, I’d provided Bonnie and Karole with a list of restaurants in advance of their visit so they could decide what they’d like to try…

They chose this ‘shack’ with a rusty roof and a cartoon chicken painted on the side of the building…

This is Champy’s Fried Chicken…which is reputed to be the best place in Chattanooga for this southern fried specialty!

The other choices I’d given the sisters were: Uncle Larry’s (; Maple Street Biscuit Company which closed too early for our schedule (; Urban Stack Burger Lounge ( City Café Diner (, and; Community Pie (  Laurie and I will have to check these restaurants out on our own asap… 

The interior décor at Champy’s is funky, quirky and weirdly nifty to say the least.  Yes...those are dollar bills (and other currency) all over the walls.  Looking at Champy’s from the viewpoint of the Food Channel’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”, I would classify Champy’s “look” as a ‘designed dive”!  However, from what I can determine Guy Fieri has never visited any restaurants in Chattanooga…

There is a bar and dining area on a covered patio outside of Champy’s and that’s where the ladies decided to sit.  It was about 4 PM when we sat down for dinner…

We ordered a couple of appetizers for the table.  These were the Fried Chicken Livers. ($7.00) I personally don’t eat these things but both Karole, Laurie and Bonnie liked them a lot!

The Southern Style Fried Green Tomatoes with Ranch Dressing were more my style. ($9.50) This appetizer was very well prepared…with a nice crunch on the breading and plenty of flavor provided via the seasoning and tomatoes. “Unfortunately”, the ladies filled up on those chicken livers…so I ‘had’ to finish more of these luscious fried treats than I should have!

What!?  There is one in every crowd!  Bonnie decided not to go for Champy’s specialty, instead ordering the Mississippi Delta Farm Raised Catfish…4 catfish “tenders”, coleslaw, French fries, hushpuppies and tartar sauce. ($11.99) The good news for me is that despite the fact that she really liked her meal, Bonnie couldn’t finish it all and we ‘had’ to take leftover catfish home with us…

Karole, Laurie and me all ordered Champy’s specialty…their claim to fame…fried chicken!  This was the 3-piece white meat plate…2 breasts and a wing with beans and coleslaw. ($9.99) We all agreed that the chicken was excellent.  I also liked the coleslaw and a hushpuppy that Bonnie gave me.
Neither Karole or Laurie could finish their fried chicken…so once again we were ‘forced’ to bring leftovers home.  Of course, I made good use of them as the week went on!

We will return to Champy’s on another occasion!  Champy’s is located at 526 East Martin Luther King Boulevard in Chattanooga Tennessee.  They are open Daily for lunch and dinner.  Phone: 423-752-9198.  Website:     

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Good for the girls! I'm wondering what kind of diet that is. All the food looks delicious, love the fried green tomatoes, the chicken, everything but the liver. :) It looks like a fun upbeat place! And Laurie is so lucky to have sisters!

  2. Dave, the decor is funky, I kind of like it! I do like chicken livers...I just have to be in the mood for them. The dishes look nice and quite tasty. And I have never tried catfish. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Dear Dave, It sounds like everyone liked their meal and best part you got to take some home! I love fried chicken!
    I do think you are right. This would fit on Drive-Ins and Dives. Take care! Catherine

  4. Sounds like my kind of place and the food all looks delicious.

  5. Go girls! Looks like a delicious homestyle meal. A couple of times a year I crave a really good fried chicken. I have been trying for years to do fried chicken right at home. also, crazy about good coleslaw and hushpuppies served on the side.
    Take care.


  6. That fried chicken looks divine! I used to eat in New York at Kentucky Fried Chicken. We have a McDonalds here in our town in Sicily but not Kentucky Fried Chicken.