Monday, June 19, 2017

Dining Along the Highway to Tellico Plains…

On many occasions each year we take TN Hwy 68 east from its intersection with US Hwy 411 in Madisonville Tennessee.  The last couple of times that we headed out TN 68 to Tellico Plains with its various attractions and restaurants, we noted a new restaurant along the way. 

B and B Restaurant is located near Tellico Plains Tennessee.  We’d always passed it in the morning or around lunch time and it was always very busy.  We decided to try it out one day for an early dinner…

The interior of B and B Restaurant is pretty basic.  It’s definitely a down home kind of place.  Décor per se doesn’t apply…the tables and chairs are a hodge-podge of different types and styles…and the kitchen area is open and very basic.  The big black board lists the specials and the sides as well as any available desserts. 

The menu is all about sandwiches and burgers with a few “meat and 2” specials for those looking for a country style meal.  Laurie opted for a double cheeseburger with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayonnaise.  She thought that it was pretty good…still juicy and satisfying.  The French fries were OK too.

I decided to try a ‘meat and 2’…meat with 2 sides…for my dinner. ($6.99) The peas were from a can and the chicken fried “steak” was passable at best.  I did like the coleslaw.

As per various Facebook postings, B and B Restaurant’s customers raved about their pies.  One customer reported that she’d stopped by and bought 4 whole pies!  Bad news for us… Our waitress told us that almost all the pies that day had been eaten or bought by customers to take home. 

There was a piece of strawberry pie available.  It didn’t look much like a slice of pie but the broken up pieces of graham cracker crust worked well with the strawberries and whipped cream.

The only other piece of pie still remaining in the display case was this slice of coconut custard that we took home for the next day.  It was pretty good but not great.

In our opinion, B and B Restaurant is a convenient place to stop by on TN Hwy 68 for a decent and inexpensive sandwich but it’s just OK.  The people were friendly and we chatted with a couple other folks in the restaurant.  We would like to try a couple other slices of pie… This restaurant is located at 8578 TN Highway 68 just outside of Tellico Plains Tennessee.  Phone: 423-253-2870.  B and B Restaurant is on Facebook at
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Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Laurie's meal looks delicious, Dave, and the strawberry pie, according to the description you have given, sounds pretty good as well! Nice place!

  2. The burger and fries look good. Looks like their plates come in a variety of colors too. :)