Friday, March 4, 2011

Dining Out - Kingston, TN

On a late winter day, Laurie and I decided to go for a drive and try a new restaurant for lunch. This is the front of Red Bones on the River in Kingston, Tennessee. It's kind of an unassuming place on the outside, but the menu promised to be a bit upscale, pork shanks to oysters to frog legs...and we had a Lifestyle Card for a discount!

The upper and lower decks, plus the views of Clinch River/Watts Bar Lake from the restaurant, show a lot of promise for good times in warmer weather. As it was a sunny although chilly day, by the time we left at least one table on the upper deck was occupied by four hearty souls.

When we were seated upstairs near the bar, we were handed lunch menus. I asked if we could order from the dinner menu and they were all to happy to oblige. Laurie ordered Crab Cakes. It came with 2 sides so she had Onion Rings and the Rice Pilaf. She thoroughly enjoyed everything on her plate! It was all very flavorful...even the Rice Pilaf...

I ordered Red Bones 'Signature' Flat Iron Steak. For my 2 sides, I had the crispy french fries and the coleslaw. I'm pretty picky about my coleslaw but this was really good. (Laurie also liked it) When I ordered the steak, the waitress told me that this steak is best served cooked no more than medium...and preferably medium rare. So, my medium rare Flat Iron steak was very tasty...glazed with something a bit sweet...but very nice. The fries were ok...

Red Bones on the River's description of the restaurant is a little more grandiose than was the reality of the place. It was friendly and casual...but nothing fancy. Their website,, needs to be updated. The menu listed on the website is more expansive than was the one in use at the restaurant...perhaps we were looking at a minimized winter menu? Also, if you clicked on 'Description' and then on 'Contact Us', you will be directed to a Karate School in Harriman TN!

Red Bones on the River is located at 316 West Race Street, (US 70), in Kingston TN. For travelers, you would exit I-40 at Exit 352 toward Kingston and then turn right on US 70. Phone: 865-376-9696. We had a nice experience and we will be back to sample the food and atmosphere in warmer weather!

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  1. Glad that you both had a pleasant experience going out to eat. There is nothing worse than paying good money for a bad meal. Blessings, Catherine