Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Classic Bakery in the Appalachians!

So, in my last blog posting I ended our drive through the Cherokee National Forest with photos of spring in bloom in downtown Tellico Plains Tennessee. This was our lunch destination...Tellico Grains Bakery! Stuart & Anissa Shull refurbished and rebuilt this 104 year old structure back in 2002. They live upstairs and they opened a classy bakery downstairs...

When you walk through front door, you're greeted by the bakery counter and bread racks. It was almost 3 pm on a weekday when we arrived and they were almost out of product...just a few loaves of bread, a couple of scones, a few cookies, a couple of cinnamon rolls, etc. We were there for lunch, (served from 11 am to 3 pm), but we picked up a selection of baked goods first while there were still some to purchase!

We've been here several times before...but we always forget to take pictures of the breads and baked goods until it's too late and we've eaten them! However, this chalk board shows the selection of breads available at Tellico Grains...all top quality. We've had the Italian, Flatbread, Sourdough and Deli Rye, all very tasty!

Here's the sandwich selection that is available. Among others, we've had the Benton's Bacon Lettuce & Tomato on the Herbed Flatbread, the Crispy Mister, (toasted Sourdough Bread brushed with Melted Herb Butter, with Smoked Ham, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato) Just terrific! We need to visit the Bakery on a Saturday so we can sample their specialty pizza!

This is part of the cozy dining area in the Bakery. the whole place has a nice 'feel' to it.

Tellico Grains Bakery uses a wood-fired brick oven to bake all of their products. In addition to artisan breads, scones, cookies, cakes, brownies and pastries, the Shull's also use their fertile imagination to bake up whatever strikes their fancy from day to day. You never know what you might find in the bakery cases!

We really enjoy eating at Tellico Grains Bakery! As proof, we once again devoured half of each of our sandwiches before we remembered to take a picture... From the left...I had the Waucheesi Club with Smoked Ham, Benton's Smoked Bacon, Pepper-Jack Cheese, Mayo, Dijon Mustard, Lettuce & Tomato on Sourdough Bread. Laurie had the Sandwich Joe's Italian with Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Benton's Smoked Prosciutto, Provolone Cheese, Pesto Mayo, Pepperoncinis, Olives, Red Onion, Dijon Mustard, Lettuce & Tomato on Herb Flatbread. Great sandwiches!!

In keeping with our ongoing challenge to take photos of what we buy at Tellico Grains Bakery, we failed to take photos of the cookies, the specialty flatbread with cheese & jalapenos and the Cinnamon Roll that we purchased during this visit! Eating before photographing is a true weakness when it comes to good food... We promise to do better in the future and we will provide some photos of the quality products from the bakery...before we devour them!

Anissa and Stuart have done a great job with this bakery! Both are trained chefs and bakers and they are dedicated to quality... Tellico Grains is located at 105 Depot Street in Tellico Plains TN. Tellico Plains is located just a short distance from the end of The Cherohala Scenic Skyway and the Cherokee National Forest. The Bakery is open from 8 am to 4 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. As previously mentioned, lunch is served from 11 am to 3 pm. Phone: 423-253-6911. Several items can be ordered on-line. For that information as well as the complete story about the Tellico Grains Bakery, just go to http://tellico-grains-bakery.com/.


  1. This place is a true must visit - we love their breads.

  2. LOL! More power to anyone who can remember the camera when there is good food around! I always forget it. This bakery sounds great. I love the chalk boards and the cozy look of it all, not to mention all the incredible baked goods. Unfortunately, bakeries are a thing of the past here. They have all closed in the surrounding towns. I so miss them and envy your visit there. Now I need to take a road trip to TN!!!