Saturday, August 6, 2011

It Was ‘tic-toc’ Time!

Laurie and I just don’t keep ice cream in the house unless we have guests staying with us.  Our problem is, that if we keep some ice cream in the freezer, it keeps screaming at us until we eat it!  So, once in awhile, we make an ice cream pilgrimage to our temple of ice cream goodness over in Loudon Tennessee.

Yes…I have written about the ‘tic-toc’ Ice Cream Parlor before…but I promise that I’ll at least wait until next year to bring it up again.

So, on this particular day, Laurie and I decided to skip dinner and to go for a big ice cream treat instead!  After all, cows eat greens, (vegetable), produce the milk for the ice cream, (dairy and protein) and there is fruit in some ice cream… It’s almost a balanced diet!

Laurie truly worked on her balanced diet…lots of fruit on this luscious banana split!  She even had some nuts to provide fiber… The ice cream she chose for her ‘entrée’ included George Washington Cherry, Strawberry and Vanilla.  Just for health purposes…’tic-toc’ added a little more dairy to the top!

My dinner wasn’t as well balanced nutritionally as was Laurie’s… Still, I did add wheat to my entrée by including cookies and cream ice cream with my 3 scoop bowl of goodness!  My other 2 choices were strawberry and raspberry chocolate truffle…and of course, I wanted to follow Laurie’s lead with a bit of extra whipped cream to ensure that I had my full quota of dairy products for the day!

Note: The ice cream per se is great…but our favorites are still the generous malts and shakes!

The ice cream at the ‘tic-toc’ Ice Cream Parlor is arguably the very best in East Tennessee.  It’s all homemade and it’s a family affair…with mom and dad running the parlor and their son making all of the ice cream.  Some argue that ‘tic-toc’ is pricy.  While we will concur that they certainly don’t give their product away, in our opinion, this ice cream parlor’s quality wins out!  It’s worth the price!

The ‘tic-toc’ Ice Cream Parlor is located at 504 Grove Street in Loudon Tennessee.  It’s right at the corner of Grove and US Highway 11, diagonally across the street from the old courthouse.  Phone: 865-408-9867.

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