Friday, August 12, 2011

Brunch Construction!

In my continuing efforts to ensure that leftovers don’t go to waste, I’m always trying to come up with something that uses whatever we have in the refrigerator.  While I’m not as talented in this effort as I might be because of my various food dislikes, I can get the job done most of the time…

What we have above for my little brunch are the following: Two fried eggs ‘over easy’; Half of a leftover hamburger patty, (sliced from side to side); a few slices of fried salami; a helping of leftover cheesy potatoes fried in butter, and: a couple of hunks of buttered toast from an old loaf of bread that I’d stored in the refrigerator.  This was a pretty darn good brunch if I do say so myself! (Of course, I added Tabasco as usual)   

Have a great day!  Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

Click on the photo to enlarge…


  1. Sounds like a nice variety to me. Have a great and blessed weekend. Catherine

  2. I love a good hearty breakfast - this one looks fantastic!

    Please tell your wife thank you for the very sweet comment she left on my site... I am glad she liked the tapenade!

  3. Now that's a breakfast that can fuel you through the day. Looks like you're giving your buddy from across the pond some breakfast competitition!