Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jacque’s Whistle Stop!

Running errands always gives us an excuse to look for somewhere different to grab some lunch…or early dinner.  So, here we were, running around Farragut and Lenoir City Tennessee…and it was time to eat.  Where to go??  Then I remembered a restaurant review by The Grub Scout in the Knoxville News Sentinel that Laurie had pointed out to me…and it was one of those small town half-hidden kinds of local joints that we love to visit.

This is Jacque’s Whistle Stop Restaurant in Friendsville Tennessee.  It has great ‘diners, dives and drive-ins’ appeal, don’t you think?!  As you can see from the big truck to the right side of the building, Jacque’s also does a bit of catering.

As for the interior of Jacque’s Whistle Stop Café, it was just what you’d expect based on the exterior view…ecclectic and cluttered with old antiques and collectables… There is just a warm and interesting feel to the place!

Speaking of antiques, Laurie, (my chief photographer), insisted that I include this photo in the blog. Other than myself, the antiques and collectables in Jacque’s are indeed for sale.

Here’s another view of the front dining room.  We even like the idea that the tables and chairs don’t match.  It adds to the whimsical nature of the place.  There are 2 dining rooms with a handful of tables in each, but the front room was cooler and more comfortable, temperature wise…

OK…so how about the food?!  I mean, that’s really what’s important.  You will note that the food is served on styrofoam…and the ‘silverware’ was plastic.  We would always prefer plates and metal silverware, and some folks we know would shoot Jacque’s down on accoutrements alone, but hey, it’s really about the food, isn’t it?

Laurie and I both ordered virtually the same ‘early’ dinner.  Mine, (shown above) consisted of Jacque’s ½ Chargrilled Chicken, a side of Cole Slaw plus Dirty Rice with Beans. ($7.00) 

The only difference is that Laurie had the Baked Beans instead of the Dirty Rice… We both thought that the chargrilled chicken had a really nice flavor…great seasonings!  Laurie thought that her’s was a little dry, (perhaps the result of a mid-afternoon meal), but mine was perfect. Oh Yes…did you note that little tub of sauce next to the chicken.  It was a very tasty amalgamation of spices and good stuff…and it went great with the chicken!

Laurie liked her baked beans and I tried them too.  I thought that they were OK.  She tried my dirty rice…but it just isn’t her thing.  Despite the bell peppers, (a personal dislike), I thought the dirty rice was pretty good.  As for the cole slaw, Laurie liked it but it had a bit too much onion in it for my taste.

Now…the chicken was good…very good… But, the Fried Green Tomatoes that we ordered as an extra side…they were KILLER GOOD!  Damn Good!  Yahoo!  The sauce in that back container was also terrific... I like ketchup but not on fried green tomatoes! ($4.50)

What the heck…as long as we were at it, why not try a bit of dessert.  Laurie had this peach cobbler…very nice…and I had a piece of strawberry-rubarb pie...started to eat it before I thought to take a photo... (I thought that it was just so so…but we were told that it’s really a big seller)

This is a photo of the available desserts…pies, cakes and cobblers…very tempting and right in front of you when you place your order.  You do order at the front counter, (Photo #1), and then they bring you your food.  Service is very casual…very country…just a local kid at the counter with a cook in the back.

Other ‘dinners’, (with 2 sides), include 3 Jumbo Wings ($7.00), Hamburger ($6.50), BBQ Chicken Sandwich ($6.50) and a Quarter Pound Hot Dog ($6.25).  Other sides include Curly Fries ($4.00 large/$2.25 small) and Roasted Corn ($3.50).  Ice cream, sundaes and a banana split round out the dessert menu…

Jacque’s Whistle Stop Café is a funky, neat, little out-of-the-way place.  Between it’s chicken, fried green tomatoes and dessert options, it’s definitely worth the stop!  We will return so we can try the roasted corn and some of the other baked dessert options… We are wondering if there is a different menu at night or on the weekends…maybe specials some evenings?  In his review, Grub Scout mentioned a London Broil Sandwich, a Fried Bologna Sandwich, a BBQ Rib Sandwich and a half rack of BBQ/Smoked Ribs.  They weren’t on our menu.

Jacque’s Whistle Stop Café is at 110 West College Street in Friendsville Tennessee.  Strategically placed small signs throughout the town will point you to the Café.  Phone: 865-995-0823. (No website available although there is quite a bit of chatter about Jacque’s on Facebook)  


  1. Is this the same Whistle Stop Cafe that was highlighted in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes? Just wondering. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Bev's sis went a few days ago and liked it as well. We've got to try it.

  3. Wow that is a lot of food! The prices are fantastic...A.J. and I could split that and come out to the good. I am enjoying all these neat places you and Laurie find.