Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bayside Dining in Coconut Grove

After a hard day of sightseeing in the Miami area, Dawn Marie suggested a few places to eat and we ended up selecting Scottie’s Landing, an open air restaurant in Coconut Grove Florida.

It was almost dark when we arrived… The weather was on our side so it wasn’t raining nor was it too hot.  Generally, Laurie and I opt for indoor dining…to avoid bugs, wind, heat, humidity, or whatever… But, when one has the chance to dine right on or right next to the water, we’ll almost always take the outdoor option!

This was the view from our table when we sat down… A short time later, all we could see was the boats up close and the lights across the bay.  We probably should have arrived just a little earlier so we could appreciate the complete ambience of Scottie’s Landing.  Customers can dock their boats right in front of Scottie’s…

The outdoor dining area at Scottie’s is protected with an open-sided tent complete with fans.  Shortly after this photo was taken, the restaurant was filled to capacity.  We were seated right next to the boardwalk and the water…but, unfortunately we had a big standup business related cocktail party going on right next to us.  It was loud and there’s something unappealing about 100 or so folks just standing around drinking and eating right next to your table.   

On a more positive note, Dawn spotted a couple of celebrity chefs dining at Scottie’s that were obviously in town for South Beach’s the annual Food and Wine Festival…

I had a bowl of clam chowder for a starter… ($4.75)  It was good if not great.  Scottie’s also had spicy seafood chowder and she-crab soup on the menu.

We ordered some Hot Wings for the table.  ($7.25) They were very good but I must admit that I was a bit stunned at how few wings you got for your money…

Other appetizers include conch fritters or conch salad, peel and eat shrimp, oysters and stone crabs as well as all of the usual appetizers found in most casual restaurants or sports bars.

Laurie had never eaten conch, so she ordered the fried conch platter with French Fries. ($12.25) She really enjoyed her conch! It was very good!

Dawn ordered Chicken Tacos, ($9.25), as her entree.  She doesn’t care for seafood.  We missed taking a photo of her dinner…

For my entrée, I went with the Shrimp Trio…BBQ, Fried and Coconut. ($12.25) The shrimp were good…but with only 9 of them, I was glad I ordered the French Fries instead of cole slaw.

Among other basic items, the menu included burgers, ribs, steaks, fish ‘n chips, crab cakes, and grilled dolphin.  Our service wasn’t very good and our waiter was about as friendly as a snapping turtle.
Scottie’s Landing is very casual.  During the daylight hours both dogs and bikini’s are frequent visitors.  The restaurant offers live music on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
This restaurant is almost hidden behind office buildings and a boatyard.  Scottie’s Landing is located at 3381 Pan American Drive in Coconut Grove Florida.  Phone: 305-854-2626.  I couldn’t find a website for Scottie’s per se, but I did find this site that could be of some help. (
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  1. Dear Dave, Sounds like it was not the best place you have been. The prices seem a little dear and unfriendly service is not very good. Especially, 9 shrimp. You shouldn't have to fill up on fries at that price! It seems to be in vogue to have little portions, except the price doesn't seem to go down, sometimes it actually goes up!
    Blessings, Catherine
    It seems you and Laurie have been much more excited about other places you have eaten.

  2. Dear Dave, Sorry, I am not sure what happened on that post. I moved the mouse and somehow I pasted a line from my comment out of order. I really don't know what happened.
    Anyway, have a good evening and blessings to you both. Catherine

  3. Sounds like a place to forget about