Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fine Art and a Musical Performance!

Another special event was connected to Grandparent’s Day at David III and Emmett Lee’s school.  It was all related to the arts… There was art work on exhibit as well as a series of musical performances scheduled for the evening.

So, let’s start with Emmett Lee’s artistic endeavors…

Here’s Emmett Lee with both of his entries in the art exhibit. (Above plus the following photo) Both of his efforts won us over but the watercolor painting shown below was definitely the most interesting, at least to us.  One of Emmett’s skills is his ability to think outside the box…to imagine whatever…and he has almost no constraints.  Not bad for an 8-year old!

Then we took a look at David III’s artistic efforts…

David III is apparently more focused on reality in his work whereas his brother’s works were both abstract.  Nana really liked the mountain lion as shown above…but I leaned toward the decorative abstract composition shown below.  I just liked its bold statement… He’s not a shy kid!  

The top art award from the art exhibit…accompanied by a $500 Talent Grant…was given to an outstanding Chinese student.  That beat the heck out of a blue ribbon…

And so…now we’re off to the musical performances!

This is David III, all dressed up at home and ready to head back to his school for his musical appearance!  He looked pretty confident, don’t you think?!

Here's part of the Fifth Grade Band...just before going on stage!

This is the Fifth Grade Band in action… David III is standing just to the right of the bandmaster/conductor.  He was on percussion and he performed well… The band performed the “Hunter’s Chorus from “Der Freischultz”, "Cool Blues" and "Jamaican Holiday".  They received a huge round of applause from parents and grandparents following each musical piece.

The Fourth Grade and the Middle School Bands also performed… They were followed by the Honors Choir, the Boy’s Choir, the Girl’s Choir as well as the Middle School Choir.

Here’s Emmett Lee his brother’s musical performance.  Emmett and his buddy Jason are just having a terrific time.  They were really well behaved considering the amount of time that they had to sit still.  I think that it must have been the hand held game devices that made the difference!

That’s about it for now… With my next blog, I’ll be back to the travel and restaurant reviews.
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  1. Dear Dave, You and Laurie have beautiful grandchildren. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Catherine