Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grandparent’s Day!!

Readers may recall the blog I published about our son’s graduation from Law School.  There were 2 other very important reasons for our one way 11 hour drive from paradise, down here in East Tennessee, on up to Cleveland Ohio.  

It was Grandparent’s Day plus, later in the day there was a fine arts presentation at our grandson’s school!

Laurie and I got lucky this year.  We were assigned to David III’s 5th grade classroom.  We love Emmett equally, but this was David III’s last Grandparent’s Day…as he moves on to middle school next year.  He’ll be ‘too old’ for such goings on in 2013!  The boys other grandparents were assigned to Emmett’s classroom… (The boys are lucky to have a five grandparents) Next year, Emmett Lee’s classroom will be overrun with grandparents!!

Here's a photo of the interior of David III's classroom... The whole school was overrun by adults!

One of our primary duties before we really focused on David’s classroom and his activities there was right down my alley…snacks and refreshments!  There was fruit, cookies, coffee, malted milk balls, brownies & other goodies!  David III was really ‘pounding down’ the fruit, brownies and cookies.  He’s almost as tall as Laurie and he’s only 11! 

The Head of School and Director of the Arts program director welcomed us and gave a couple of speeches. One thing that we learned was that students who’ve attended this school have come from all over the world. (Note the many flags hanging from the ceiling!)

Here’s David III posing alongside the photo of him that the school had used as part of a promotional brochure for the recruitment of new students.  We are proud to report that he’s also his class President!

This is the class tortoise…  He actually lives at David’s teacher’s house.  This is his ‘office’ for his day job!  He is certainly dressed for the occasion… The teacher told us that he’s housebroken…and that he has a nice large enclosure to live in at her home. 

This is Ian, David III’s best friend!  Hopefully, they’ll stay in touch over the coming years.  I can’t even remember the 5th grade…much less any friends I might have had!

Laurie and I, (as well as David III’s parents), are fortunate in the fact that David III isn’t yet at that stage where he doesn’t want to be seen with parents…or worse yet…grandparents!  He’s holding the poem he wrote for his grandparents…and it’s very affectionate…although I did note that he commented on the fact that “we like to spoil him” and that,”we’re very generous”.  He does know how to influence adults and we’re thinking that possibly he may become a career politician!

This is David III with his 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Hunt.  She is a very good motivator & David III enjoys that very much.  He likes her a lot …but now, it’s on to Middle School! 

Next Blog…the School’s Fine Arts Presentation!

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  1. Your grandson has accomplished more through the 5th grade than most children accomplish in their school careers. I know this has to do with great parents and family support. You have so much more to look forward to from Davidd III!