Monday, October 1, 2012

A Bit of Lunch and Golf

It probably seems that all we do is eat as most of my blogs revolve around restaurants or food.  I do usually mix the subject matter a little better than I have lately.  I’m currently dealing with a bit of a bum knee and a hip too… Consequently, our travel adventures, with the accompanying non-food related photos and topics, have been somewhat curtailed.

So…where in the Knoxville area can we grab a decent sandwich or lunch and play golf too?
This is the main entrance to the Toqua Golf Course clubhouse in Tellico Village.  The club house has a pro-shop and of course, given my proclivity to blog about food, it also has a restaurant! 

Note: Both the Toqua golf course and the Toqua Grill are open to the public!
FYI… Tellico Village is a very large development with mostly single unit homes spread along the shore of Tellico Lake Tennessee.  It was originally a Cooper Development but it now operates on its own.  While the majority of the ‘villagers’ are retired, it is an open community…there are no gates or age restrictions.  School buses are a common sight during the school year and many residents work regular jobs or own businesses in the area. 
In keeping with my previous reports on bits of history and towns in East Tennessee, in the not too distant future I’ll be publishing a blog about Tellico Village, how it’s grown and what it offers.  After all, it does operate much like a small city or a large incorporated village… 
This is a view of part of the dining area at the Toqua Grill.  A patio dining area can be seen through the windows across the room.

The adjacent 18-hole golf course also has a very large practice putting green as well as a driving range.  A golf pro is available for lessons…
This is one view from the Toqua Clubhouse… The driving range is off to the left and you can see part of the practice putting green just to the left of the small tree in the foreground.  The starter’s hut is off to the right side of this photo. 

The golf course was built in 1987 and then it was renovated in 2008.  It is a par 72 course, measuring 6,910 yards from the farthest tee.   Three holes are positioned alongside the lake… There are hundreds of mature trees and as well as many homes lining the fairways.  
Well…it was lunch time!  Laurie and I both had this low calorie, low fat sandwich with chips.  This was an excellent creation!  Fried eggs with Swiss cheese, ham and bacon on toast… Plus, neither one of us had had any potato chips for months so even they were a treat!

The menu at the Toqua Clubhouse is pretty basic, but the quality is good.  Breakfast includes standards like bacon/sausage and eggs with hash browns, pancakes, omelets, etc.   The lunch menu offers sandwiches/burgers, salads, etc.  The prices are very reasonable, service is friendly and, oh yes, beer is available for the discerning patron…
Here is yours truly standing at the grill’s counter…paying for our lunch. 

For more information regarding the Tellico Village community and its amenities, just go to   The village has 3 different golf courses and each of the clubhouses is home to a restaurant.  All are open to the public.  The Yacht Club houses a more upscale dining option with great views…and it too is open to the public. 
As usual, Laurie is taking the photo… This is the foursome that she played golf with the other day.  From left to right…Dawn Marie, (visiting us from Miami), and our friends, Holly and Karen.  The ladies had so much fun playing together that they may dump us guys and just play together whenever possible.

The Toqua Pro-Shop and Golf Course can be reached at 865-458-6546.  The Toqua Grill can be contacted at 865-458-1330.
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  1. what a life! lunch, golf, travels!!
    my first job was a witness at a golf resturarant...the more they drank the bigger the tip...guess that happens anywhere, but the golfers were better overall tippers!!!

  2. Looks like a fun day Dave - We;ve had good experiences eating at Toqua

  3. Dear Dave, You all look happy!Good food, a good day on the course with the people who make you smile. The ladies look happy. It looks like a nice lunch too. Blessings, Catherine

  4. What beautiful place David and sounds you both had a lovely day!!
    I love the sandwichs!!

  5. Muy lindo estar en el campo feliz con la familia y con la buena comida,linda familia,saludos del sur de Chile,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  6. Sounds like a good day! Good for Laurie with golf with the girls! I love love to play but my shoulder doesn't like it very much. That sandwich and chips look pretty tasty!