Friday, October 26, 2012

Dinner with a View...

Laurie’s oldest sister Glenda and her husband Ken usually come to see us here in East Tennessee once each year.  The drive from St. Louis isn’t too long and they can also stop by and visit Ken’s brother in the Nashville area. 

Since they weren’t going to be able to stay long enough to attend the recent wine tasting/dinner/social gathering that I recently blogged about, we asked a couple of our friends if they’d like to join us for dinner out one night.  One reason that we chose a local yacht club was that the restaurant is attractive and the view is hard to beat!  
This is the Yacht Club in Tellico Village.  Tellico Village is a very large lakeside development on Tellico Lake.   Tellico Village is an open community, (no gates and no age restrictions), which is generally focused on retirees. 

The Yacht Club is situated on a peninsula overlooking the lake and the restaurant offers sweeping views of the lake with its boats, attractive homes and wooded hills.  The restaurant in the Yacht Club is called The Blue Heron.
Here is our little dinner group… Note the view!  From the left…myself, Laurie, Glenda, Ken, Charlie, Karen, Joel and Holly.

I warned everyone that they couldn’t eat until we took our photos for this blog!  I also told them that I’d solicit them for their feedback re: the food and service. (No one was shy about providing their input)  The view and ambience required no feedback…all we had to do was look around us!
Karen ordered the Capicolla Stuffed Chicken as her entrée. ($13.00) She ordered a side Caesar Salad with her meal.  The salad was flavorful enough but she felt that it was a bit dry.  (Note: Laurie also had a Caesar shown above...and she said that hers was very good)
The presentation of Karen’s dinner was very inviting.  Her entrée was described as “A frenched breast filled with capicolla ham and buttermilk cheese, then napped with cranberry jus.” 

Given that the portion of chicken was very small, this dish seemed overpriced to Karen and Charlie.  Karen felt that the chicken and the sauce tasted only fair.  In her view, the flavor of the capicolla ham did not compliment the taste of the chicken.  It was so salty that she left it on her plate.  On the other hand, the baked sweet potato with cinnamon butter was very good.
Joel ordered the Toqua Home-style Meatloaf. ($13.00) It’s described as being “napped with demi-glaze and topped with crispy onion frisee, served with buttermilk mashed potatoes”.  He felt that the meatloaf was good if not great.  However, his buttermilk mashed potatoes were too stiff...they were actually so dry they were almost hard.
Holly ordered the Coyatee Tuscan Shrimp Scampi. ($17.00) The shrimp were described as being served with ”Oregano garlic butter with white wine and julienne salami”.  

Holly commented that her shrimp scampi were almost dry...with little flavor and they were served with almost no butter in her dish.  She also said that the julienne salami added nothing to the shrimp and her baked sweet potato wasn’t hot enough.  As a final comment, Joel and Holly feel that the meals at The Blue Heron are too expensive for what the customer is served…
I ordered the Pasta of the Day… In this case, it consisted of sliced prime beef with asparagus and basil in a light sauce tossed with fettuccine noodles. ($13.00) While I could have used a little more sauce on my noodles and I had to request the parmesan cheese, I did enjoy this entrée and the price seemed fair… I would order it again should the opportunity present itself.
Charlie ordered the Fish Special of the Day.  It was Mahi-Mahi. ($18.00) The presentation of this dish was very nice, and it made him anxious to taste it. 

The fish was good but not great.  It was cooked just right, but it was served barely warm.  The fish itself was firm and tasty.  He felt that “the portion of fish was a little disappointing given the price tag”.  The vegetable medley was barely warm, a bit over-cooked and tasteless.  It required butter to add some taste, but the butter wouldn't melt on the luke-warm vegetables.  His side salad was just fine.  In summary, Charlie felt that the fish special wasn’t very special…
On the other hand, Ken also ordered the Fish Special…the Mahi-Mahi…and he enjoyed his dinner! He had a baked potato instead of a side salad. (Note: We bought Ken and Glenda’s dinners)

The 17 or so full dinner entrees at The Blue Heron/Yacht Club range in price from $13.00 to $22.00.  Half-orders are available for several of the dinner offerings.  In addition, there are a few sandwiches available at dinner.   These range from $7.00 to $10.00. Of course, a few entrée type salads provide another alternative.  Gluten-free items are also noted on the menu…
Glenda ordered the Tommotoly Tenderloin of Beef, a char broiled 5 oz. petite cut served with cracked pepper and sea salt. ($15.00) She reported that her steak was delicious and cooked as ordered…medium with a warm pink center.  Glenda thought that her sweet potato with cinnamon butter was great and she also enjoyed her fruit cup. 
Laurie ordered the Tanasi Slow Braised Brisket of Beef. ($14.00) It was described as being “fork tender, served with rich port wine gravy”.   Laurie said that the meat was a little dry but flavorful and improved by the addition of the gravy.  She would have liked a little more gravy… The baked potato was just warm…not hot…and the cold butter on the side wouldn’t melt. 

No one ordered appetizers…but there are 9 offerings on the menu.  They include options such as Chilled Smoked Salmon, a Sweetwater Farm Cheese Sampler and a Carnita Napoleon Tostada.  Prices range from $7.00 to $9.00…
Our server was pleasant and generally efficient… After hearing that we were celebrating Charlie’s birthday, she brought out this humongous brownie covered with almonds, raspberry sauce and whipped cream...and accompanied by 8 spoons!  This is a very rich and tasty dessert…especially because it was ‘on the house’.

The Blue Heron has a full bar… Laurie and I each had a glass of the very reasonably priced house wine. The house wine choices were Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Merlot or a Cabernet Sauvignon. ($4.00)
Tellico Village’s Yacht Club with the Blue Heron Restaurant is located on Tellico Lake at 100 Sequoyah Road in Loudon Tennessee.  Friday night is prime rib night.  For reservations, call 865-458-4363.  For more information, just go to
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Thanks for stopping by for dinner!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Sounds like the Yacht Club is still turning out underwhelming meals.

  2. Food, friends and a great view. Now that's life!