Friday, October 19, 2012

A Nice Lunch in Lenoir City Tennessee

Running errands…and once again it’s time for lunch.  We were in Lenoir City Tennessee so we checked out a place where we’d had some decent pizza before, only to discover that, as in politics, change had come.

Angelo’s Brick Oven was no longer…and it had been replaced by a new restaurant!  I had blogged about Angelo’s back on January 24th of this year…
This restaurant is now named Town Creek Grille.  We were encouraged by the number of cars in the parking lot…usually a good sign for the prospective diner.

As per their website, Town Creek Grille was initiated by 2 local families who believe in local roots and community connections.  The restaurant is named for nearby Town Creek, which had provided the power for one of the town’s earliest businesses…the Lenoir Cotton Mill.
The interior of the restaurant is pleasant and homey… Here is yours truly in ‘the library’ signing the charge slip for lunch…while being unknowingly photographed by Laurie.
Laurie also took this photo of another dining area in the restaurant that wasn’t being used for the lunch crowd.  Note the big brick fireplace and use of dark wood on the walls…

The menu at Town Creek Grille is quite extensive.  There are appetizers, steaks, fish and shrimp, specialties, chicken, sandwiches/burgers, pasta, soup and salads plus desserts.  The most expensive dinner entrée on the menu is the 14 oz. hand cut ribeye steak. ($15.99)
Our lunch started out with a nice basket of rolls and muffins.  They were warm and they were very nice.  Laurie especially liked the corn muffin and I enjoyed the garlic herb muffins on the bottom of the basket.
Laurie’s meal came with 2 sides… This was the very nice side salad that served as her luncheon starter. 
FYI...There are 4 dinner or entree style salads on the menu.  These include an Hawaiian Chicken Salad and an Oriental Chicken Salad.  Both are priced at $7.95.
Her entrée was the Bang Bang Shrimp. ($11.95 for a dinner portion…The price for Laurie’s luncheon portion isn’t shown on the menu and I failed to keep the detailed receipt) Laurie was very happy with her shrimp and the 'Bang Bang' spicy sauce, plus the fries were good too…
I ordered the dinner portion of the Hand Breaded Catfish entree. ($9.99) It comes with French fries but I was able to switch to steamed broccoli and cole slaw.  The broccoli was just right and the cole slaw was very nice indeed.  The catfish was breaded in a flour and cornmeal blend and I asked for cocktail sauce instead of the usual tartar sauce.  As you can see, the hunks of catfish were huge…and they were very tasty!  Without hesitation, I’d order this entrée again!

Service was efficient and friendly.  I really appreciated the ability to substitute sides as needed and we liked the fact that the waitress asked if we wanted dinner or luncheon portions for our meal.  I would recommend that the owners notate the availability of luncheon portions for some items, (during the lunch hour only), on the front of the menu and perhaps at the top of each page as well.  I can imagine some folks stopping by to look at the menu as it is and then deciding that it was a little pricy for lunch.  Now that we know the facts, it’s not a problem for us… We will be coming back to the Town Creek Grille in order that we can repeat this upbeat food experience!
Town Creek Grille is located at 175 Kelsey Lane in Lenoir City Tennessee.  It faces US Highway 321 and it’s fairly close to the Highway 321 and I-75 Lenoir City exit.  Phone: 865-988-9288.  Website:
You can just click on any photo to enlarge it…
Thanks for stopping by and sharing lunch with us!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. yummy looking lunch! the restaurant looks to nice to be a pizza hang out!