Friday, May 17, 2013

Good Eats Café – Lenoir City Tennessee

This restaurant used to be located in downtown Lenoir City.  However, parking was a bit difficult or awkward and the space inside the restaurant was very limited.

So…after closing the old location and looking for a new spot, the owners of Good Eats Café finally found a site that met their needs… This time they’re located on the primary highway bisecting Lenoir City…US 321, which stretches from I-75 all the way to the Smoky Mountain National Park.

This spot isn’t the most attractive and the parking lot needs some attention.  However, visibility is good and every time I’ve driven by, Good Eats Café has been busy… At lunch time the parking area is packed!
Since we’ve lived in the area, (almost 4 years), there have been 2 BBQ joints and a Caribbean themed restaurant in this building… It’s been like a revolving door! 

Nice shot of my bald head…my fault as Laurie told me not to put my head down.  In any case, once you get past the glare from my skull, you can see that this looks like your basic diner type restaurant.

This photo shows the front end of Good Eats Café… It’s pretty standard as well but that’s what we expected as we knew that the food offerings consist of basic diner cuisine. 

This is one side of the menu… The positive news is that Good Eats Café serves Breakfast ALL DAY…or at least until they close in mid-afternoon.  This is a vast improvement over most local restaurants who only serve breakfast until 11 AM.  We like breakfast out and we truly are late risers and late starters…

This is the reverse side of the menu… One fact that must be helping to attract so many customers to date is probably the prices.  You can have a grilled cheese with a small side for only $1.99 plus tax and tip!  Or…you can chow down with the daily special for only $5.99…or a cheeseburger with a side for only $6.28.  Another advantage is that it isn’t fast food per se…you also have table service at what are almost fast food prices.

Laurie ordered the French Toast with a side of bacon. ($6.98) They take rustic French bread, dip it in cinnamon, sugar and egg batter, grill it and then serve it with fresh berries and whipped cream.  Laurie liked the French toast and would order it again.  The bacon was OK…if not exceptional.

I ordered this side of hash browns to go with my breakfast. ($1.79) They could have been cooked a little longer and I would prefer them a bit crispy.  I’ll order them that way the next time we eat breakfast at Good Eats.

My breakfast entrée was listed on the menu as ‘My Dad’s Breakfast’.  It was 3 eggs easy over with 2 pieces of sausage and 2 biscuits covered with sausage gravy.  The eggs were done right and the biscuits were OK.  The sausage gravy lacked any real flavor…it was kind of bland.  The Tabasco helped a bit… You might have noted that I only have 1 sausage patty on my plate.  When the waitress brought the food, she told me that they were cooking up another patty and she’d bring it a.s.a.p.  The good news is that she brought me 2 more patties before I was done eating!  The sausage patties were quite good…lots of good sausage flavor…
We will return to Good Eats…definitely for breakfast…but we’ll also try out the lunch menu.  They serve good food at a fair price.  It’s not the best we’ve ever had but it sure filled our yearning for breakfast food!
Good Eats Café is located at 521 US Highway 321 N in Lenoir City Tennessee.  They are open for breakfast and lunch.  Phone: 865-816-3281.  Their website is currently ‘under construction’, but when it is completed the web address will be 
Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…
Thanks for stopping by and sharing breakfast with us!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Sounds like a good spot and the prices are right. Looks like you got the white paste referred to as sausage gravy around the area. I'll be posting next week about a place we ate at that has the real deal sausage gravy and delicious scratch biscuits. I think it's worth the drive from home, so stay tuned, unless you will be in the Townsend area before I post it.

  2. Dear Dave, Breakfast is my favorite meal. Both your and Laurie's breakfast looks like a nice start to the day and as you say the prices were fairly reasonable. Blessings, Catherine

  3. I have been away in Tennessee (Brentwood) – my daughter had a baby girl last week so I was not close to the computer. I did read your posts though and liked the one with the old ship postcards and your brother’s art. His paintings are so good and it is such a shame that he lost so many in his house fire. What a talent! I’ll keep the Good Eats Café in mind if we ever go near Lenoir City.

  4. I think that Good Eats Cafe is very reasonable and has great service. the food is very delicious, i eat there as much as I can

  5. We ate at the old location and were glad to see they reopened. Have not had a chance to get over there yet but was thinking about doing that this weekend. Went to the link for the restaurant and it is still "under construction". Seems that in the last 2 years they could have managed to get even a very basic info site up and running. :(