Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Works for Breakfast!

Anyone at all who has followed my blog knows that I really like breakfast… Here for your consideration are a few of Laurie and my more recent ‘special’ breakfast creations…

This was a simple breakfast that I put together for myself one morning.  These are Costco Italian meatballs, cut in half and lightly fried then placed on buttered toast and topped with pepper jack cheese and a couple of easy over eggs.  For photographic purposes, I didn’t put the Tabasco on until later…

There was some lox left over following our wine tasting/food consuming party.  Laurie asked me to scramble a couple of eggs to put on top of her English muffin, cream cheese and lox.  She liked this morning wake-up call a lot!

For the same breakfast, I opted for some left-over smoked salmon on top of a buttered English muffin topped with a couple of easy-over fried eggs.  It was sooo good!  Yes…I did add Tabasco before consuming this meal…

For her next breakfast, Laurie went for a mix of olives, a bit of mozzarella cheese, and two English muffins with cream cheese topped with peppered lox.  She liked this even better than the lox and scrambled eggs!

Finally…we also had 3 left-over Latvian piragi that Martha had made for our wine tasting party. (Latvian version of a Polish perogi) I couldn’t let them go to waste so I split them in half, heated them in the microwave and then dropped an over-easy fried egg on each piragi.  This time, I did add the Tabasco before taking the photo!  This was another very satisfying breakfast…
Just click on any of the photos to enhance your breakfast experience!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing these breakfasts with us…
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. This proves that breakfast is the best meal of the day! Way to go! I have to find my way down there at breakfast time!

  2. I love breakfast too!! and these eggs look delicious!!!xo

  3. By jove, I believe you definitely can make some fine breakfasts from leftovers.

  4. Dear David, Those are real nice plates of breakfast. Very nice. Blessings, Catherine