Friday, June 7, 2013

Breakfast at Tellico Grill - Loudon TN

As I’ve mentioned many times previously, we love to eat breakfast out…and we’re always looking for a really good place to start our morning with a hearty meal.

We were happy to hear that Tellico Grill in Loudon Tennessee had started serving breakfast!  We’d been here a couple of times for lunch or dinner and the food had been pretty decent… We were hopeful indeed!
This is an old photo from very early spring… Tellico Grill is located at 222 Ritchie Road in Loudon Tennessee.  Phone: 865-458-2210.  The Grill is on Facebook and they now have a website too...

With late spring now in force, we thought that it would be appropriate to share this very appealing outdoor dining space with those who live near or might pass through the area around Loudon, Lenoir City or Tellico Village Tennessee.

Here’s an updated view of the interior of Tellico Grill around the front counter and hostess station.  Note: One waitress told us that the owner is considering removal of those uncomfortable bench seats in the booths and along the walls. (We would endorse that idea!)

Here is the breakfast menu at Tellico Grill.  It’s not very extensive but the prices are reasonable and it does cover all the basics…including the currently popular and trendy waffles and fried chicken. (I like waffles and fried chicken…but not at the same time!)

Laurie ordered ‘Faldo’s French Toast’…flavored with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with butter and syrup.  Laurie added the optional fresh fruit and Cool Whip. (Total = $7.45) She enjoyed her French toast but the application of the Cool Whip left didn’t help the presentation aspect of her meal…
Despite the fact that in general the menu seems reasonably priced, $7.45 seems a bit much for what she received.

I stuck with a standard breakfast…two eggs over easy the local farm raised sausage patties, crispy hash browns and toast. ($5.95) The eggs were fine and the hash browns were perfect.  I didn’t care for the flavor of the sausage…but that could be personal preference.  The patties were a little overcooked.  The toast was fine but I could only find a speck of butter on one piece. (Perhaps it was an attempt to help me with my cholesterol?) They did have my Tabasco in stock for this visit!
In summary, our breakfast was OK.  However, breakfast at the nearby Toqua Grill/Clubhouse is better and if we wanted to drive a little bit, the best breakfast that we’ve found in this area to date is at the Midway Restaurant in Alcoa Tennessee.
A few locals have given us some feedback on the Tellico Grill.  Some really like the food and have had good service… Others have complained about the service.  Still others feel that the prices on the new lunch and dinner menu are too high.  We’ve even heard a couple of negatives re: food quality.  We haven’t had dinner at the Grill since the new menu published, so we’re reserving our judgment until we give it a try.  We are hoping for the best!
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  1. I love these toasted breads and eggs, Im hungry , here is lunch time:)
    We want buy some pizzas and go to my Mom and Dad House:)))
    have a nice Sunday!