Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pizza at Pero’s On The Hill!

When we visited Pero’s On The Hill in Knoxville the first time, we had gyros with an excellent Tzatziki sauce.  While finishing our lunch, one of the owners, Sammy Peroulas, came over to our table to ask us if we’d enjoyed our meal.  We then got into a discussion about his Italian meat sauce, which he uses with his Carnivore Pizza.  He gave us a bowl to taste it…and it was very, very good.

For more on that first visit to Pero's, you can click on the following:

So, based on that great meat sauce as well as our desire to find good pizza in East Tennessee, we once again made the trip to Pero’s!  We really haven’t had a really good pizza since we moved here from East Tennessee…but we’re always hopeful!

This is the front dining room at Pero’s On The Hill.  In the background, you can see the center of the pizza production…the pizza dough press and the pizza oven.  The pizza toppings are lined up behind the counter.  Sam is the pizza master here at Pero’s although our very helpful and efficient waitress, Britney, is also a pizza chef.

Laurie ordered this ‘little’ 10-inch pizza.  She had it topped with tomato sauce, cheese, green olives, pepperoni and the house sausage. ($9.75) It was much larger than 10 inches!  The crust was perfect, crispy and thin!  She rated this as the best pizza she’s had in East Tennessee since we moved down here 4 years ago…
Pizza’s at Pero’s On The Hill come in 3 basic sizes…10, 12 and 14 inch.  Toppings include: onions and green peppers; ground beef; Italian sausage; sun dried tomatoes; grilled chicken; fresh tomatoes; mushrooms; gyro meat; spinach; bacon; house sausage; jalapeno; feta cheese; artichokes; pepperoncini; anchovies; green olives; meatballs; pepperoni; ham; pineapple; black olives, and capers. 

You guessed it!!  For me it was all about that 10-inch Carnivore Pizza. ($12.85) This meat lover’s dream is topped with Pero’s terrific marinara meat sauce, pepperoni, Italian Sausage, house sausage, ham, ground beef and bacon…with cheese!  As loaded as this pizza was, I was pleased and surprised that the crust held up almost until I finished devouring this meaty challenge.  I must admit that all of this meat was a little overwhelming, even for a carnivore like me.  It was a very good pizza and I concur with Laurie…this was the best pizza we’ve had in East Tennessee.  Next time I’ll stick with my usual though…pepperoni and Italian sausage. ($8.75)
The menu at Pero’s On The Hill includes many American, Greek and Italian favorites in addition to a long list of sandwiches and the pizza…which comes with red, white or pesto sauces.  Pero’s is open daily for lunch and dinner.  The restaurant is located at 7706 South Northshore Drive in Knoxville Tennessee.  Phone: 865-694-6900.  Pero’s On The Hill’s website is at
Just click on any of the pizza photos in order to get a closer look at all that goodness! 
Thanks for stopping by and checking out our latest pizza adventure in East Tennessee…
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. If I lived in East Tennessee, most certainly would try that pizza place!!! Looks De-lish!!

  2. Dear David, It is so nice to find a place with delicious food and friendly atmosphere.
    That certainly is a meat-lovers delight, but I bet it was delicious. Blessings, Catherine