Friday, June 28, 2013

Family Happenings/Grandsons at Work and Play!

Laurie and I have a couple of grandsons who live with their parents in the faraway suburbs of Cleveland Ohio.  They are growing up fast and they are both smart and loving. Even David III, who is the oldest, still ‘likes’ his parents and grandparents.  In this day and environment, that can be a rarity…but the boys have great parents coaching them on…and their school teaches not just curriculum but how to live life and treat people correctly and decently.

This photo is a little dark…but it shows David III, (12 years old), being given the class award and scholarship for excellence in English.  He loves to read…as do his parents and grandparents!  David is also President of his class.
This photo shows Emmett Lee, (back center…9 years old), receiving an award for physical fitness!  Despite computers and his expertise with video games…he has his own blog sites about gaming…Emmett is very active and loves sports, especially if running is involved.

Oops!  Well, into every life a little rain must fall… In this case, while trying to leap from a picnic table to a tree, David III missed the mark and broke his arm!  No summer sports for him this year… If he looks a little dazed, it’s the pain killer at work!  His dad, David II, unwittingly participated in resetting the break in David III’s arm at the emergency room… The doctors just told him to hold on…and then they set the break!
So…with a broken arm, what’s a young fellow to do in lieu of his usual summer athletics?  As the old saying goes, 'Necessity is the mother of invention'.  David III has now started his own blog, appropriately specializing in video games that can be played with one arm!  Check it out at

As for Emmett Lee…it’s all about the summer sports activities.  His favorite is track…running fast!  Here he is with his relay team right after a race.  He also loves soccer…and he’s a champion Lego Games Player too!  Emmett’s blog sites are about video gaming as well.  His primary blog site is  Most of the time, this old codger doesn’t have a clue what Emmett is talking about on his site.  I’m technologically impaired…might have something to do with the era that I grew up in…
In any case, both David III and Emmett Lee are terrific grandsons…and it won’t be too long before we make the trek north to spend some quality time with the boys…and, oh yes…their parents too!
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Thanks for stopping by to share a little family time with our grandsons!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave and Laurie (aka. papa and nana)


  1. I am sorry to hear about that break, but kids are remarkably resilient. Not hard to tell that in another life their grandparents were cheerleaders :-) Have a wonderful weekend, Dave. Blessings...Mary

  2. Ouch to the broken arm - seems like they were pretty common in my childhood and not sure how I avoided one.

  3. sorry about the broken arm! but they all are lovely and I find Emett sooo cute!