Monday, March 2, 2015

Dinner in Slidell Louisiana

Following a busy day driving down to Venice Louisiana and exploring a bit of the Mississippi Delta, I’d decided that Slidell Louisiana was a logical place to spend the night before drifting back toward East Tennessee.

This is NOLA Southern Grill in Slidell.  Slidell is located about 30 miles from New Orleans’ French Quarter on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.
The ‘greater Slidell’ area has a population of about 90,000.  Slidell was founded in 1882 and 1883 during construction of the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad.  This railroad connected New Orleans to Meridian, Mississippi. The town was named in honor of American politician and the Confederate of America’s ambassador to France, John Slidell.  The town is or was the home to a plethora of professional athletes but its most famous former resident is Arthur Chevrolet…co-founder of the car brand of the same name.

NOLA Southern Grill advertises itself as a casual restaurant offering great New Orleans homemade food.  The photo of the bar offers a glimpse of the décor and the restaurant’s casual atmosphere. (My photo of the main dining area didn’t come out well…)

We’d had a nice late lunch in Venice Louisiana so we weren’t too hungry.  Still we couldn't resist trying an order of Gator Bites.  ($9.29) We forgot to take a photo until the order was mostly eaten!  They Bites were fried in Cajun cornmeal.  It was a tasty appetizer although it was the Cajun spices and spicy ranch dip that kicked it up a notch.  Alligator doesn’t have a lot of flavor and like chicken, it’s all about the spices and method of preparation.  

For her dinner, Dawn Marie ordered the Cobb Salad with Thousand Island dressing. ($11.99) This version of a Cobb Salad included mixed greens topped with chopped bacon, sliced eggs, tomato, bleu cheese crumbles, avocado, croutons and grilled chicken.  It was a nice big salad and Dawn said that it was pretty tasty…

Dawn also ordered a side of Mac n Cheese. ($2.99) As I was writing this posting, I noted that for some reason, probably an oversight, we weren’t charged for her add-on.  She did report that it was very good indeed!

I went the healthy route…one of the few times on our trip!  This is the fresh Grilled Redfish. ($17.49) The fish is chargrilled and topped with herb butter.  For my sides, I chose the steamed broccoli with a little parmesan and some coleslaw.  It was all good!  The fish itself was excellent…

Laurie wasn’t too hungry so she decided to have a bowl of NOLA’s Corn and Crab Bisque. ($7.29) It was very good and filling too…

NOLA Southern Grill has a broad and varied menu including many Cajun or New Orleans style items.  These include such items such as a Fried Crawfish Platter, Shrimp and Grits, Crawfish Etouffee, Atchafalaya Pasta, Red Beans and Rice, Tuna Napoleon and of course, Oysters on the Half Shell or Charbroiled.  In addition there are Southern Sliders, Sandwiches and Wrap, Burgers and ‘Nawlins Po-Boys’.  Pricing is reasonable and service was efficient and friendly.

NOLA Southern Grill is located at 1375 Gause Boulevard in Slidell Louisiana.  Phone: 985-201-8200.   Their website is found at    
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  1. Good Morning Dave, When you mention Slidell this morning, it brought back memories of our trip a long time ago. We stayed there and drove across the water to New Orleans. I have enjoyed seeing the pictures even though I haven't left you a comment. Part of the time is because of where I am using the computer. I will just enjoy the journey with you all to where you go. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  2. Dave, that's interesting history about Slidell, the RR and Mr. Chevrolet.
    I've never been to Slidell even though it's on the other side of NO. The food all looks delicious and I'd like to dive right into that mac and cheese.

  3. Interesting information about Mr. Chevrolet. I didn't know there was such a person. Smart move to order the red fish. When in Rome as they say....

  4. Southern food is the best..I wish I could try it all. Those gator bites look awesome...and that mac n' cheese is so creamy that at first glance I thought it was mashed potatoes! Love all the history of the south :)