Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pleasant’s Bar-B-Q – Ocean Springs Mississippi

As anyone who knows me at all understands, I am definitely not a technical kind of guy… I don’t really know how to answer and erase messages on our home phone system, if the computer goes a little off kilter I call in someone who actually knows something, etc.  In addition, I don’t tweet, do Facebook, text, etc. and I 'don’t get' all of the fascination with the computer gaming.

However, I do admit that there are some advantages to modern technology.  It is easy, if a little impersonal, to keep in touch with family and friends.  I can research information for my blogs and plan our trips.  In this instance, we were looking for a place for lunch along the Mississippi Gulf coast and an ‘app’ on Dawn Marie’s phone led us to a promising destination.

This is the sign out in front of Pleasant’s Bar-B-Q in Ocean Springs Mississippi.  Pleasant's is a family owned and operated Bar-B-Q restaurant established in 1982 in Ocean Springs, MS by the late Mr. John A. Pleasant and Marie Pleasant. The business is located close to downtown and it is still family owned and operated.

Pleasant’s Bar-B-Q is a modest place…which is in keeping with the image of some the best BBQ joints in the USA.
When they first opened, the business purchased barbecue sauce from restaurant food distributors.  Back in 1984 Mrs. Pleasant developed a recipe for barbecue sauce with the intent to distinguish their business from any other. Happy customers convinced the family to begin using this homemade sauce…and the rest is history. 

The interior of Pleasant’s Bar-B-Q is just as simple and straight-forward as the outside is… Dawn Marie was happy that she’d found this bright and colorful place for our lunch!

The BBQ menu is simple and short… It offers 4 sandwiches, 3 dinners, just meat…with 5 choices, sides, meat by the pound and homemade pies.   The sides include this very nice coleslaw as well as beans, potato salad and collard greens.  

FYI… In addition to the BBQ items on the menu, daily specials are offered Tuesday through Friday.  As an example, on Thursdays the menu offered Smothered Pork Chops with Collard Greens, Rice and Gravy and Corn Bread…for only $8.95!

The first thing to consider if you’re going to eat at Pleasant’s is that they are proud of their sauce and they’re generous with it!  If you’re not into sauce on your BBQ/smoked meat, you might want to ask for it on the side.  We like sauce so it wasn’t any problem for us.  The sauce was a little sweeter than we’re used to but it had a little ‘bite’ to it so we did like it.
This was a half-pound of brisket. ($5.99) We all agreed that it was very good! Laurie’s side of potato salad was excellent!

I also ordered a couple of sausage links because we wanted to try a variety of Pleasant’s offerings… ($4.99) They were a little milder than I expected but we did enjoy them…

Note: All of the meats at Pleasant’s Bar-B-Q are pecan smoked.

Laurie and I each ordered a half slab of the BBQ ribs. ($10.99 with the sides shown in previous photos) We have never seen meatier ribs!  We just devoured these platters of goodness… It was a carnivore’s feast!  It was unanimous…they were excellent!  We only wish that any restaurant here in East Tennessee could equal this feast…  

We did order a couple of individual pies to take with us. ($1.50) I failed to take a photo of our pecan and coconut pies but they were very good.  Sweet potato pie is also offered and large pies are available.

Service was pleasant and friendly.  The restaurant was clean and neat.  We would definitely stop here again if we were in the area!  Pleasant’s Bar-B-Q is located at 1415 Government Street in Ocean Springs Mississippi.  Phone: 228-875-3384.  Website:

Just click on any of these pictures of goodness to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by and sharing our ‘light’ lunch with us!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Dear Dave, What a nice place. I would love to have a place like this nearby. The food looks great and the prices are good too. Dawn looks so happy, great photo.
    I love pecan pie. I am glad it was good.
    Blessings, Catherine

  2. Sounds like you hit upon a fine BBQ place.

  3. All I can add is their portions look very generous. Sounds like a nice place.