Saturday, March 14, 2015

Say Goodbye to Winter!

Here in the Tennessee River valley in East Tennessee, we had our usual couple of weeks of real winter…at least by our experience having moved here from the Chicago area.

These are some of our favorite winter photos from our short February winter season…

First we were hit by an ice storm… This is a glazed over wild rose bush at the front of our property.

Many people in our area lost power, some for a week!  We were only down for about 6 hours.  Up on the Cumberland Plateau, some folks were without power for more than a week! Yikes!

The woods were beautiful with the ice coating everything.  Unfortunately, hundreds of trees were toppled or damaged throughout the area.  The cleanup will be underway for some time yet… Our tree service provider stopped by this week to trim and clean up our minimal damage.  He told me that he’s been working non-stop!  One job alone involves over 200 trees…

I love the ice, snow and red berry contrast on this C.P. Barberry bush.  Laurie took the photo.

Our rhododendron bush was totally iced over…complete with some very dramatic icicles.  One of our magnolia trees was ‘topped’ by the weight of the ice but now that it’s been trimmed it should be fine.

This was the road in front of our house after the sun came out and the ice began melting. 

Our neighborhood deer had to work a little to find food, which isn’t normally a big issue over the winter in our area.

Then our ‘big snow’ came!  This is one of our Little Gem Magnolia trees late at night.  Fortunately the ice had melted before the snow came or the damage would have even been worse throughout East Tennessee.

We had about 6 inches overnight.  Our total snowfall for this winter was roughly 9.5 inches…

This was the view from our 2nd story deck after the snowstorm… 

This view is from our main deck at the back of the house. 

The woods at the side of our home were beautiful…

Fortunately, snow doesn’t last long in East Tennessee.  Most of snow was melted within two and a half days.

This is the road in front of our home after the snow storm.  The Property Owners Association road crew cleared the roads in the area very promptly.  I like the contrast between the dark bark of the trees, the asphalt and the snow…

Yup… That’s yours truly out in front of our home.  I’d shoveled a path to the mailbox and to our front door.  We’d brought a snow shovel with us when we moved here from Chicago.  I’ve used it 3 or 4 times in the 6 winters we’ve lived here. 

Yes, I am wearing shorts in the photo!  It wasn’t very cold out… In this photo I was throwing snowballs at that magnolia tree to knock some of the heavy snow accumulation off it. The magnolia on the right unfortunetly lost the main branch at the very top due to the heavy ice.

I thought that it would be appropriate to end our goodbye salute to winter with this evening view of our neighborhood and the lake and foothills in the distance.
Golf season, fishing and road trips are right around the corner!  Spring is only 6 days away…

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by to help us say goodbye to the winter of 2014-2015!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Great photos and your house is a beauty! Snow still here on the ground in our Chicagoland, but dissipating quickly. Now it's mud season! Here's to Spring!

  2. Love the last photo. Winter is pretty to look at but too cold for me anymore. I know a lot of people are looking forward to spring.

  3. Hello, Just got home from a nice trip to Arkansas to celebrate George's birthday. I will blog about it tomorrow.

    Now--it's time to start working in the yard, cleaning up all of the 'junk' from the ice storm. What a mess!!!

    Hope you are doing well. Love the pictures of your big SNOW.... The sad thing for us is that I do LOVE snow. And believe it or not, we got VERY little snow up here this winter... It was mostly all ICE and SLEET... Quite a disappointment. Oh Well---we'll just have to wait and see what comes next winter. NOW --I am looking forward to SPRING. We don't have anything blooming up here yet --other than some Crocus blooms. Spring will be late for us this year. BUT--today is SUNNY and WARM. Lovin' it.

  4. Great shots Dave and of course you should be in shorts.

  5. I enjoyed your post on Oak Alley – it is such a wonderful place. When we were there several years ago they had a bed and breakfast on the grounds. We stayed in it and it was something to be able to walk around before the plantation was opened for tourists. We had a mild winter here, just one day of snow and no ice to speak of. Today was sunny and 74F and tomorrow is supposed to be 78F.

    Thanks for coming to my blog. I answered you because I think I was not clear. Here is what I answered on my blog in case you don’t come back. “David –The pictures of the baby on my post are not of my grand-daughter. May be I was not clear. She is the new baby of my daughter’s brother and sister in law, so she is not really related to me, that is why I said “extended family.” The baby’s grand-parents, from India, are also my daughter’s father and mother in law – I know this gets complicated. I would like to see the National Museum of Quilts – that must be a great place. Thanks for the comment.”

  6. Hi Dave,

    This winter was a hard one for many. We got some snow here in Montreal last night and today, so winter isn't finished with us yet here to the north. Your photos are beautiful!