Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

Yes, it’s yet another burger joint!  As of late they seem to be multiplying… There is BurgerFi, Mooyah Burgers, Five Guys and the usual chains plus lots of local places and they’re all featuring one of my favorite foods…

This burger-centric operation recently opened in Farragut Tennessee.  It’s Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in the Farragut/Knoxville Turkey Creek Shopping Area.  Bad Daddy’s is a franchised operation that had its beginnings in Charlotte North Carolina.  At this stage in the company’s development there are only 12 locations in 6 different metropolitan areas…Denver Colorado, Greenville South Carolina, Charlotte, Triangle/Raleigh and Winston-Salem North Carolina and of course Knoxville. 

Bad Daddy’s has an industrial look to it with lots of TV’s for sports fans… It is quite a large restaurant, deceptively so when viewed from the street.

When Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar includes the word ‘bar’ in the restaurant’s name, they are serious.  As shown above, there is a fully stocked bar.  This is one factor that separates Bad Daddy’s from the other burger joints and chains…and it should push up profit margins too.

The menu includes starters such as wings, onion straws, fried pickles, sliders, nachos, housemade potato chips and chili.  It also features milk shakes, a couple of desserts and several salads including an interesting ‘create your own’ salad.  Standard dinner salads cost from $10.75 to $10.95.

Of course, we went for the burgers!  After all, that is what this restaurant is focused on… I ordered the “Bacon Cheeseburger on Steroids”. ($12.50) This burger is described as “a basic burger seasoned with bacon salt, 3 pieces of jalapeno bacon, 3 pieces of applewood smoked bacon, topped with Monterey Jack cheese, housemade bacon mayo, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onion and pickles on a bun.”

Burgers are accompanied by a side and since my burger was so ‘healthy’, I chose the House Slaw.  The coleslaw was a little different than most and I liked it.  The burger was OK but believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  In my opinion, the bacon overwhelmed the burger.

As with the salads at Big Daddy’s, you can also build your own burger.  For my next visit, I plan to stick to a straight-forward cheeseburger so that I can fairly judge this restaurant’s burgers.  One negative won’t change though.  The buns are too small for the burgers and they’re really messy to eat…

Laurie tried something a bit different too… She ordered the “Pastrami Reuben Burger” with a fruit cup as her side. ($11.95) This creation is their “custom blended burger topped with Boar’s Head thinly sliced pastrami and Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing and sauerkraut on rye toast.

She liked her sandwich a lot...a great combination of ingredients...although she also felt that a little large piece of bread would have made it a lot easier to eat.  The fruit cup was very good…with nice fresh and ripe pieces of fruit.

To summarize… We will try Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar again, changing out our order and our bread choices.  However, I think that I can get more bang from our buck at the nearby Wild Wing Café and we really like their burgers and wings.  We ordered water with our lunch but despite that fact, with tax and tip, our lunch cost $30.71.  Yes…the sandwiches were ‘fancy’ but we have to ask if they were worth the expense?

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is located at 11683 Parkside Drive in Farragut Tennessee.  Phone: 865-292-1241.  The company’s website can be found at

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Thanks for stopping by to see what was for lunch!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Looks good, but it would have to be the worlds best burger to be worth $12.50 to me.

  2. Looks really good David!
    A really big burger!!

  3. Dear Dave, I would have to say you are right. I think a good burger really does not need so much as to overwhelm the taste of the burger itself and the right bun really does matter.
    Have a great day to you and Laurie. Blessings, Catherine

  4. This looks like a really nice, comfortable setting for a great meal! :)

  5. What a nice huge burger Big Daddy! It makes me hungry!