Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dinner at a Diner – Gracie’s in Maryville Tennessee

Another day, another batch of errands… Laurie and I ended our running around with our last stop in Maryville Tennessee.  So what to do for dinner?

Laurie suggested that we have an early dinner at Gracie’s, a popular local diner on the east side of Maryville in close adjacency to the home of Alcoa Aluminum in Alcoa Tennessee. 

Another golfing couple had recently told us that they’d stopped by Gracie’s for dinner and they’d been very satisfied.  We’d been there once before too, but just for breakfast.  It was one of the best breakfasts we’d had in East Tennessee…so, based on the recommendation and our breakfast experience, dinner sounded promising.

The interior of Gracie’s is clean and fairly well lit.  The table tops are sealed and covered with ads for local companies underneath the sealer/coating.
It was early but folks started drifting in while we were there and a few take-out orders were picked up as well. 

Gracie’s menu isn’t huge and it’s a pretty typical selection for a southern ‘meat and sides’ kind of restaurant.  The meat + 1 option costs $6.39, meat + 2 costs $7.49 and meat + 3 is $8.49.  Meat choices include such items as liver and onions, grilled chicken, chicken fried steak and meatloaf.  There are no less than 15 sides to choose from!

Laurie started out with a small dinner salad with Gracie’s homemade Ranch dressing.  The salad was fine and the salad dressing was very good.

For her meat + 2 she ordered the salmon patty and she added the fruit to her dinner salad.  She chose a corn meal muffin for her bread… The salmon patty was just fine, the muffin was moist and the fruit was a nice finish to her meal.

I went with one of the “Big Ol’ Meals” from the menu.  Basically these choices either involve bigger servings of meat than one would get with the meat + 2 or 3 offerings, or they involve more pricey items such as shrimp or a big slab of country ham.

This is the 12 oz. chopped steak served with 2 sides and a choice of bread. ($10.49) I ordered the steamed broccoli and turnip greens as my sides and I also opted for the corn meal muffin.  It was all good with bits of ham cooked in the turnip greens and the broccoli was perfectly steamed…still a little firm.  The chopped steak was quite good, although it was a little salty for my taste.  I would order it again.

Talk about inexpensive dinners!  There is nothing on Gracie’s menu that is more expensive than my entrée… For the money, our dinner would be hard to beat!  Gracie’s isn’t a gourmet destination that’s for sure, but it is fairly good diner food.  We’ll be back…

Gracie’s is open from 7 AM until 8 PM Monday – Saturday.  Breakfast is served until 11 AM.  This restaurant is located at 766 East Lincoln Road in Maryville Tennessee.  Phone: 865- 984-7117.  Gracie’s Restaurant is on Facebook at

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. This may be one of the best meat and 3 places around.

  2. Mmmmmm, sounds good to me! Would you believe it was all of 47 degrees here and rain and sleet. Bet you wish you were living back here, don't you, BDD? :-)

  3. Dave, I just can't get over how cheap everything down there! You can't beat those prices...the food looks really good too.