Friday, June 26, 2015

Casual Dining at “The Local House”

Our St. Louis area family visit continued with another outing in a local restaurant.  This time, we’d driven south on I-55 to Arnold Missouri…

This is The Local House Restaurant and Bar.  It’s located at one end of a modest strip shopping center.  From what we were told, this is a very popular restaurant among the area residents.

There is an outdoor patio dining area but it was unoccupied when we were there.  The Local House had 15 reviews on Yelp…and has achieved a rating to date of 4.5 out of 5 possible stars.

This is the bar portion of the restaurant.  Much to everyone’s surprise, The Local House wasn’t very busy.  It was a Holiday weekend, it was early afternoon and the weather was great…so most folks must have been out running around enjoying the day or picnicking. 

This was our table at The Local House… From the left, Kasey, her husband Kevin, Kevin’s mother Carole, Kasey’s brother Kyle, Kyle’s son Collin, Kasey and Kyle’s dad Bill, Kyle’s son Keaton, Kasey and Kyle’s mother Bonnie and yours truly.  As usual Laurie took the photo…

If you look very closely, you will see a big reason for our gathering!  Kasey and Kevin were about to become parents…of a 3rd daughter!  (Charlie was born on May 31st.  Mother and child are doing great!)

A lot of food was ordered for this large group.  These are the hand-breaded Fried Pickles. ($7.99) They were served with a nice spicy chipotle ranch dipping sauce.  They weren’t special, but they were good.

Another appetizer was the Fried Cheese. ($7.99) I’m not ‘into’ fried cheese but these were different and better than average.  Provel cheese is a St. Louis region obsession so these were hand-breaded wedges of provel cheese that were deep fried and served with house marinara.

The third appetizer was this bowl of Pretzel Nuggets. ($7.99) These soft pretzel bites were topped with butter and kosher salt and served with homemade cheese dip.  This is great comfort food!

I had the Pretzel Burger. ($10.49) The burger is lightly seasoned, topped with homemade Queso, crumbled bacon and fried jalapeños and served on a toasted pretzel bun.  It was a good burger with lots of flavor going on.  For my side, I tried to pay homage to healthier eating…and ordered the steamed broccoli. 

Laurie ordered one of her very favorite sandwiches, a Patty Melt. ($9.99) She reported that it was cooked just right and that it was very good!  For her side she’d ordered apple sauce.

Since we spilt up the check, I can’t tell you exactly what each of the proceeding meals was… That second burger appeared to be an outrageous creation!  I do know that Kevin’s mom Carole ate that healthy salad.  Those pizzas were really loaded with goodies!  The second one didn’t leave out many possible ingredients…

The Local House Restaurant’s menu is expansive!  There are 17 appetizers, 6 salads, 9 pizzas plus you can ‘build your own’, 18 sandwiches, 4 wraps, 12 burgers, 11 pasta offerings and 12 entrees.  The most expensive item on the menu cost $21.99.

For a casual restaurant serving lots of comfort food, bar food, etc., the Local House is a cut above the average.  It’s a good place to relax and eat more food than any of us ever should.  Service was good and the prices and quantities were right on…

The Local House Restaurant and Bar is located at Exit 190 off of I-55 south from St. Louis Missouri.  Address: 3946 Jeffco Boulevard, Arnold Missouri.  Phone: 636-467-9900.  Website:

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