Monday, June 15, 2015

Dinner with Old Friends in St. Louis Missouri

FYI…this posting is about meeting and breaking bread with old friends from our distant past.  These friends date back into the 1970's.  As a matter of fact, the core purpose of our recent Paducah KY, St. Louis MO, Kansas City MO and Omaha NE trip was all about family and friends…

This is Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in St. Louis Missouri.  This restaurant has longevity going for it, that’s for sure!  Hacienda has been in business since 1968…that’s 47 years!  The restaurant has been in this location since 1977.  The building dates back to the 1860's.

Hacienda has a huge patio/outdoor dining area with much of it under cover.  For much nicer photo of the patio area just click on this link:

As a matter of fact, this is a huge restaurant!  The inside dining areas stretch on forever… It was ‘wall-to-wall’ busy when we arrived to meet our friends and this was only a Thursday night.

Our server started us out with these nice baskets of light and crispy tortilla chips with salsa.  The chips were much better than most. 

However don’t expect a restaurant review!  We got so busy talking and catching up with our friends that I forgot to take any more food photos…

Hacienda Mexican Restaurant has succeeded long enough that it is a St. Louis landmark.  It’s located at 9748 Manchester Road in the City of St. Louis.  Phone: 314-962-7100.  Website:

These are our friends…Andrew, Margaret and Bruce.  Hacienda is especially significant to them as this is where Margaret and Bruce had their first date many years ago!

Bruce and I worked together at St. Louis based Venture Stores starting back in the mid-1970s.  We made a good team.
Venture was a division of May Department Stores…now long gone from the crazy retail scene!  It was a large upscale discount store chain that was much like Target.  In reality, all of the retailers I worked for over a 30+ year period no longer exist!  Even the parent companies have disappeared or have been absorbed by other companies…

Our server took this photo of our little group…Andrew, Bruce, Margaret, Laurie and yours truly.  We had a great time telling stories and talking about life in general!

Laurie took this photo of Andrew and his ‘baby’, a hot Ford Mustang. (He has just won 2nd place with his 'baby' in his first auto show!) Andrew is about to start his second year of college and he’s doing well indeed.  We’re always glad to see him…and his parents too!
That’s about it for now… Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  1. I have been catching up with all my friends blogs that I missed while being away. I saw you had some wonderful meals from your anniversary one to another with old school friends to this one. We also had a couple of very good meals in Key West and I’ll have to post about that. But now we are getting ready for another small trip to celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary which is on June 17th. I am not sure where we will eat, but I’ll try to take pictures.