Monday, August 1, 2016

Blatt Beer and Table – Omaha Nebraska

The trip through Iowa to Omaha isn’t quite completed…2 more postings to go yet.  However I thought that I’d skip ahead and write a post about a restaurant in Omaha just to break up our history travelogue across Iowa’s Hwy. 2.  The next post will return to sights seen along that drive west…

As you can see, Blatt Beer and Table is located in the corner of the ground floor of an apartment/condo building.  Our son told us that it was a very casual place with a menu to match. 

This is the interior of Blatt Beer and Table…with a lot of high tables, TV screens and a U-shaped bar.  For once I was taking the pictures so Laurie actually made it into a family photo!  From the left, David II, his best half Amy, David III, Laurie and Emmett Lee.

Appetizers came first… This is the Buffalo Chachos. ($7.50) This offering consisted of hand-cut potato chips, pieces of Applewood smoked bacon, sriracha buffalo sauce, blue cheese sauce with crumbles and chives.  It was very tasty without too much heat.

Our second appetizer was the Bavarian Pretzel Bites. ($6.00) The pretzel bites are made in-house and they’re served with German rosemary mustard and Gruyere fondue.  I really liked the fondue and the pretzel bites were a cut above the norm.

Some of the other appetizers also caught my eye but then I would have been on super food overload.  I would have liked to try the Chile con Queso ($6.00), the Chicharones with chili powder and lime with hot sauce ($3.50), or the Char-Fried Chicken Wings. ($11.00)

For her dinner, Laurie ordered a bowl of the Beer Cheese Soup. ($5.00 cup/$7.00 bowl) The soup was made with “Lucky Bucket Lager”, smoked paprika and chives with pretzel strip crostini on top.  She did enjoy her soup.  

Burgers, burgers and other sandwiches on a bun!  A couple of family members went for the beef… A Blatt Burger (Angus beef) on a grilled buttered brioche bun with parmesan-peppercorn aioli, Guinness-braised onions with Boston lettuce, red onion, tomato and dill pickles cost $11.50.  Add Applewood bacon or aged white cheddar cheese for $1.50 each.

Optional sides come with the sandwiches.  The choices are French Fries, hand-cup potato chips, creamy coleslaw, pickled veggie slaw, dill potato salad or a veggie crudité with buttermilk dill dressing.

This was the Dixie Fried-Chicken sandwich. ($9.50) Other sandwich options include: a “Rootburger” ($9.50); Vegan Currywurst ($7.75); Falafel Sliders ($9.00); Fish Sliders ($11.00); Blattwurst…a choice of 3 different sausages ($8.50); Char-Grilled Chicken with Indian spices ($10.50); an open face pulled pork creation entitled “Down South Pork”…on a jalapeno corn bread waffle ($11.00), and; the Manhandler…a smoked pulled pork and jalapeno polish sausage combo. ($10.50)  The choices are certainly imaginative! 

Then there was my entrée!  This is the Grilled Mixed Sausage on a Stick. ($12.00) These sausages were made in-house and the dish included a Jalapeno Polish sausage, beer-braised bratwurst and smoked kielbasa sausage accompanied by some braised kraut.  I skipped the dill potato salad that normally comes with this entree, substituting French fries.  The sausages were very good indeed!

Other “Classics” on the menu include Chicken and Waffles ($11.00), a dish that I just don’t ‘get’, Smoked Pork Pasta ($13.00) and my other dining option should we return to Blatt on another occasion.  That would be the Chicken Fried Steak. ($13.00)

Everyone enjoyed their dinners.  The menu is interesting and different which is nice for a change.  Service was just fine and I expect that we will return to Blatt Beer and Table during another one of our Omaha visits.  Everyone liked the beers they ordered but I can’t say too much about beer as the only types I really like are very light… I’ll leave this taste test to the experts.

Blatt Beer and Table has 3 locations in Omaha.  We dined at the Flagship Commons location which is at 2835 South 170th Plz.  Phone: 402-932-9993.  You can find out more about this small chain of beer bistros/pubs by going to their website at

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  1. Looks like a good find - the sausage dish looks right up my alley.

  2. Lots of good food here, Dave! Love those sausages, bet they're all delicious. Chips and fries look yummy too, and Laurie's soup! It all looks great!

  3. Sounds like a great place to eat.... Like you, I don't get a Chicken and Waffles meal... Doesn't seem to go together... Who knew????? ha ha

    Bet you enjoyed that sausage...

  4. Thanks for the $15 gift certificate Dad!