Monday, August 15, 2016

Omaha Family Visit!

With stops, it takes over 14 hours to drive to Omaha from East Tennessee to visit our son, his better half and our 2 grandsons.  We usually stop in St. Louis on the way, either going or coming, to visit Laurie’s family.  This trip was built around the Memorial Day holiday.  We’d stayed overnight in Springfield Illinois before making the final push to Omaha.  The plan was to visit Laurie’s family on our return trip…

If someone else’s family photos aren’t your thing, I understand.  I've been dragged through lots of other people's photo albums over the years!

Here’s David II, our little boy, performing pool maintenance.  I don’t think that he was too happy about us taking photographs! 

Here’s Emmett Lee, at 12 years old, youngest of our 2 grandsons.  He didn’t waste any time getting in the water.  Unlike his grandpa, he’s a lean mean sporting machine!  He loves track, basketball, soccer and especially football…

This is Emmett’s big brother, 15 year old David III.  He didn’t like the cold water and we kept teasing him about it.  Like his dad, he probably didn’t appreciate this photo!

Finally…he took the plunge!  All was well once he was in the pool for a short time.

Did I mention that the 2 boys are just a ‘little’ competitive!?  The battle for the ball was on!  Emmett is quicker but David III, who is 6 feet tall already, has a slight height advantage.  The doctor has told David II and Amy that Emmett Lee will probably be about 6’ 3” but David III may grow to as much as 6’ 7”!

Emmett Lee is a whirlwind…rarely resting in one place for long.  He does a great layup and, even though he occasionally gets bruised, he won’t give up when playing any sport with his brother or his father.

Note the doorjamb vs. David III’s height!  Now you might ask why he posed for this photo while standing in front of his closet… He was trying to block Nana’s efforts to take a picture of his ‘disorderly’ closet.

David III’s room was relatively neat and clean.  Of course both of the boys knew that Nana would be inspecting them!  David plays soccer and basketball…but his true passion is debating.  On weekends he spends hours with his championship debate team practicing for their next meet.  One disadvantage of this passion is that it’s hard to argue with him because he’s quick with the repartee. 

Emmett Lee’s room is always fairly neat and a bit more colorful than his brother’s.  Emmett likes order in his various displays of sports memorabilia, action figures, books, etc. 

Both Emmett Lee and David III spent a fair amount of time playing computer games.  When David III and his dad play together, they are off the wall into it!  Currently David III is part of the Pokémon craze…

This photo in Emmett’s room shows some of the many medals and trophies that he’s collected over the years. Note the Chicago Bears fan cave poster.  He knows who the players are and what they excel at.  Even for other teams, he knows who the key players are…

Here are the 3 David’s… Notice what a shrimp I am!  I’m probably around 5’ 11” but they both tower over me.

Here’s Nana (Laurie) with David II and David III on their deck.  Emmett was off playing soccer when this series of photos were taken.  
Don’t worry the family photo blog is almost over… 

I thought that we should end with a picture of our “Omaha” family.  From the left: David II, Emmett Lee, Amy and David III.  Amy and David, who both have significant careers going, have done a great job building a family unit that excels in almost everything they get involved in… In addition, the boys are smart, get excellent grades and, despite their age, they’re still nice to their grandparents! (Just avoid hugging them in public)

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. You have a great family, Dave! It's wonderful you have smart, athletic good-looking grandsons! Their rooms gave me a chuckle as I know 2 boys who had room differences like that. May you enjoy many many more years of watching them "grow" up!

  2. Nice to see you posting so many family photos. Do you have to ask permission first?

  3. The boys have grown a lot since we saw them.

  4. Oh, I love looking at family pictures! Really enjoyed this post Dave, cute boys.... all of you:)

  5. Dear Dave, what a beautiful family. Catherine

  6. Very nice family and family pictures... I enjoy keeping up with your various visits with them. Those young men are growing up, aren't they?????

    Thanks for sharing.