Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fish and Oyster Bar in Omaha Nebraska

Another day during our June visit to spend some time with our family in Omaha…  It was yet another opportunity to try out a restaurant that we hadn’t checked out previously!

Shucks Fish House and Oyster Bar is located in another shopping area on the far west side of Omaha… As you can see, like so many restaurants today, Shucks does offer an outdoor dining experience for those that enjoy that  ‘parking lot’ ambience with their meals. 

The interior of Shucks Fish House and Oyster Bar is very casual.  The dining area is bright with a variety of nautical/seafood themed items adorning the walls. 

Of course the first appetizer that we ordered in this seafood restaurant was that old fish house standby, a half dozen chicken wings! ($6.99) Shucks wings can be purchased in several styles…”Buffalo, Char-Buff, BBQ, Char-BQ, or Char-Grilled”.  I don’t recall which version we ordered but the wings were OK…just about average.

Our second appetizer was the Cod Fingers. ($6.99)  Like the chicken wings, they were sort of average…nothing special.  At about $1.75 per ‘finger’, they weren’t a bargain either.

When you look at all of these appetizers, keep in mind that there were 6 of us for dinner…one a pre-teen and the other a ravenous 15 year old!  Our third appetizer was an order of Calamari with sweet Thai Chili Sauce.  I thought that the order was a little skimpy for $8.99.  They were just fine but more or less just average…

One of our entrees was the Shrimp and Grits. ($16.99) Our son’s wife Amy enjoyed her meal very much.  It was certainly above average…and it does look good!

I ordered the Haddock Basket. ($12.99) It came with potato cakes and coleslaw.  The fish was nice and the breading was tasty, both above average from the usual.  I wasn’t crazy about the coleslaw but it’s just a matter of taste and expectations.

David III ordered the Blackened Chicken Alfredo. ($11.99) It consisted of a marinated blackened chicken breast over their Cajun spiced creamy Alfredo sauce.  Our 15 year-old grandson was happy with his meal and we were lucky to get this photo before he wiped out this plate of food!

Laurie ordered one of her favorite things…a New England Lobster Roll. ($18.99) Shucks states that their lobster roll is made with “93.7% Lobster meat and just enough dressing to hold it together”. It came with French fries and coleslaw. The Lobster Roll needed a bit more seasoning to snap the taste buds. A bit bland for her liking but still good. She was not a fan of the coleslaw but the french fries were delicious! Two cups of Lobster Bisque were also ordered by our party. ($5.49 each) The Lobster Bisque was a bit above average. Laurie would rate it very good!

This was an order of Shucks Fish and Chips. ($8.99) The fish was fresh and the breading was tasty without being overwhelming.  We thought that this entrée was a bit above average for this basic offering…

Two desserts were ordered to finish off the meal.  The bread pudding ($4.99) was decent if not the best ever! Yummy!

Laurie and I split a slice of key lime pie. ($4.99) It was OK but we wouldn’t order it again.

To summarize, at least for us Shucks was just slightly above average.  There were highs and lows with a couple of the entrees lifting the overall ‘score’.  There are 3 Shucks locations in the Omaha area.  The location that we visited is at 16901 Wright Street.  Phone: 402-763-1860.  Shucks Fish House and Oyster Bar’s website is at

Just one more photo of a couple of proud grandparents with their terrific grandsons!  By next summer, we’ll be dwarfed by both of them… 

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for dinner!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Ordering chicken at a fish place sounds like something Bev and Pat would do. The meals all look great and I can imagine Laurie being very pleased with hers.

  2. Wow, no oysters for anyone? The food all looks good, esp. the fish, but where's the oysters?