Monday, November 7, 2016

Dinner with Family at Bonefish Grill

Laurie’s sister Bonnie and her husband Bill visit us here in East Tennessee on a regular basis… Sometimes we go on the road together and sometimes we hang around the area.  This year, it was the latter.  We stayed home and did a bit of exploring, shopping…and of course, eating out.

Bill had recently retired, (much to his wife’s relief), from the Richmond Heights Police Department near St. Louis Missouri.  One of the gifts he’d received was a pre-paid dining card for Bonefish Grill.  He and Bonnie told us that they wanted to use the card to take us out to dinner!  So it was off to Bonefish Grill in the Turkey Creek shopping complex in Knoxville Tennessee.

The ambiance in Bonefish is pleasant, relaxing and a bit upscale without being pretentious.  When Laurie and I have eaten here before, we’ve always had a positive experience.  As a matter of fact, we celebrated our wedding anniversary here in 2015.

I want to get the ‘negative’ out of the way right up front… It’s a little thing but it bothered all of us.  In an effort to be ‘cool’ or ‘stylish’, Bonefish uses these glasses for their tall adult beverages.  If this glass looks normal to you, it’s only because capturing the reality of it on camera was a bit challenging. 

You’ve heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa…?  Well, this is the ‘leaning tower’ of vodka and tonic with 2 limes, Laurie’s ‘go to’ cocktail.  The glass is indeed balanced but it's designed to actually tilt and it’s a little hard to get used to.  Message to Bonefish…Go back to a standard glass!

We ordered a number of appetizers.  This was the Ceviche, chilled bay scallops, marinated shrimp, fish, fresh pineapple, coconut, cilantro and guacamole served with seasoned crisps for dipping. ($8.50) I didn’t try it but the others at the table thought that it was pretty good…

Laurie and I always order the Bang Bang Shrimp when we come to Bonefish but this time I wanted to try something different.  So I ordered the Thai Coconut Shrimp, 6 jumbo shrimp bathed in sweet Thai chile sauce. ($10.50) I actually ‘shared’ 1 of these shrimp with Laurie and Bill…and they gave it 2 thumbs up!

Just because I didn’t want to order the Bang Bang Shrimp® didn’t mean that someone else couldn’t or didn’t.  Bill ordered this appetizer with its heap of crispy shrimp that are tossed and/or drenched in Bone Fish’s signature creamy spicy sauce. ($10.70) “Unfortunately” I had to help with this appetizer too.  Bone Fish does this better than anyone else that we’ve tried to date.  I even ate the lettuce with the sauce on it…

Laurie and Bonnie ordered the same meals as their entrees.  This is the Mahi Mahi Oscar Style with potatoes au gratin and sautéed spinach. ($28.90) Both of the ladies were very happy with their meals!  FYI…The sauces available with fish entrees include: Lime Tomato Garlic, Mango Salsa, Herb Pesto, Pan Asian Sauce or Lemon Butter.

For his meal, Bill ordered the Sea Scallops and Shrimp. ($18.90) His sides were the sautéed spinach and a deluxe side, Crab Fried Rice. ($4.50) His entrée was another winner!

When my turn came to order I went with one of my favorites, the Ahi Tuna Steak served rare with the Pan Asian Sauce. ($18.50) As you can see, my sides were steamed broccoli and Jasmine rice.  The tuna was excellent and the broccoli was steamed perfectly.  The Jasmine rice was too bland for my taste but I fixed that by asking for some Bang Bang Sauce on the side!  It went well with all 3 items on my plate…

For dessert, Bonnie and Bill split a slice of Key Lime Pie with roasted pecan crust. ($6.50) It was better than average…

Laurie and I split an order of Crème Brûlée with berries and fresh whipped cream. ($6.90) There were a couple of blueberries hidden behind the whipped cream… The Crème Brûlée itself was very nice with a firm sugary crust on top.

Thanks to Bill and Bonnie…and to the generosity of Bill’s friends and fellow police officers…we had a very nice dinner at Bonefish Grill!  The Bonefish Grill located in the Turkey Creek Shopping complex in Knoxville can be found at 11395 Parkside Drive.  Phone: 865-966-9777.  Their website is at

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. What a nice treat for you and Laurie ---and her sis and hubby.... Glad they came to visit --and took you all to such a great place for dinner... YUM.... Will they stay in Missouri or move to the glorious mountains of TN in retirement?

    Still not a drop of rain here.. Sad and scary with all of the wildfires around...


  2. I can see why Bill's wife would be relieved about his retirement...police work, especially today, is quite a task and seems to get more dangerous. I love the facade of this place, Dave, it looks clean and fresh, and the ambiance looks relaxed and friendly. The food looks pretty good!

  3. We love Bonefish Grill and have eaten there in Algonquin many times. Kind of funny though, I don't recall ever seeing any cocktail glasses like that. Great food and it looks like you guys had a feast!