Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Welcome to K Town Tavern!

Our new ‘go to’ dining out couple Linda and Norm recently suggested that we go with them to another dining destination that was new to us… Despite our many forays into the local dining scene, they know many more restaurants in the Knoxville area that we’ve never tried out!

This is K Town Tavern on North Peters Road in Knoxville.  K Town took over the space that had been formerly occupied by another restaurant that was called Peerless.  As it turns out, K Town Tavern is owned by the same family that operated the Peerless Restaurant.

There is a Peerless Restaurant located in Johnson City Tennessee.  That location is Tennessee’s oldest independently owned and operated having been in business for over 75 years.  To learn about this Johnson City restaurant and to check out its menu, you can go to

One item featured at K Town Tavern is their handcrafted pizzas.  This wood-burning pizza oven is situated right in the restaurant’s lobby.  We didn’t order a pizza because we assumed that the crust would be too thick for our taste.  However, as we left Laurie talked to the pizza maker and he assured her that he’d make whatever style pizza we wanted!   Now we know we’ll have to come back for another meal…

K Town Tavern is an expansive restaurant with plenty of tables and a large bar area.  While it’s not a sports bar per se, it does have a large number of TV’s around the public areas.  The décor is warm and comfortable.

We started out with adult beverages and a couple of appetizers.  Our first choice was the Hummus with Pita Chips. ($5.00) The hummus was nicely seasoned and chopped olives were part of the mix.  Note that the hummus is accompanied by both grilled and fried pita bread…a nice variation.

I personally don’t care for olives but in this case when they’re chopped and blended with the seasoned hummus, they worked for me.  We all enjoyed this offering!

Our other appetizer was the Pretzel Sticks with Ale Cheese Fondue. ($5.00) We really liked this appetizer!  The pretzel sticks were really more like slim salted pretzel buns but they came warm and they were perfect with the fondue…

Note: We ran out of pita chips for the hummus and pretzel sticks for the fondue.  We asked our waiter for some corn chips so we could finish off these appetizers and he brought a basket of chips to the table.

Laurie and Norm both ordered the French Onion Soup to accompany their meals. ($6.50) The bowls of soup were huge…and both of them rated the K Town Tavern version of an old standard as very good indeed!

OK…here is our only complaint.  Laurie and Norm were about half way through their soup when the entrees arrived.  This was despite a request to hold off on the entrees until they’d finished the soup.  Apparently the kitchen and the waiter weren’t coordinated in this regard…

Linda decided to order a large appetizer for dinner.  This is the Black n Bleu Filet Bites. ($10.99) It was a combination of steak filet bites mixed in with chunks of roasted potatoes.  While she thought that there could have been a few more filet bites, she did enjoy this plate of comfort food.

I ordered the Roasted Key Lime and Tomato Herb Organic Half Chicken with a couple of sides. ($13.99) The broccoli was cooked properly and the coleslaw was pretty good too.  I really liked the roasted chicken and I’d definitely order it again…

Norm was pretty full after that soup and the appetizers so he just ordered the BLT Bleu Wedge Salad for his entrée. ($9.99) It was a huge salad with Applewood smoked bacon and house bleu cheese dressing.
FYI…I can’t ignore the ‘Tavern’ as it is part of the name of this restaurant.  K Town Tavern has a huge list of both crafted beers and bottled options.  In addition they offer a selection of 101 bourbons and whiskeys as well as a sizable list of handcrafted and retro cocktails.

Laurie struggled to decide what she would order for her entrée.  She finally decided to go with the Fettuccine Alfredo as it was different than what the rest of us had selected. ($10.79) She decided to leave out the protein options…garlic shrimp (+$5.00) or parmesan chicken (+$4.00). She thought that her fettuccine Alfredo was better than average…

We barely touched K Town Tavern’s extensive menu.  Still to be sampled: Steak and Pork; Tex Mex; Smoke House; Sea Food, Burgers and Sandwiches, and the aforementioned Pizza selection.  We will return!

K Town Tavern is located at 320 North Peters Road in Knoxville Tennessee.  Phone: 865-691-8144.  Website:

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Thanks for stopping by to try out another restaurant with us!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. I love the facade, with the stone and oval door and entrance! The ambiance looks very warm and friendly, and the hardwood floors are beautiful. Dave, your chicken dish looks delicious. I love French onion soup au gratin, it is very comforting, filling and heartwarming. The meals look tasty and the presentations are attractive.

  2. It all looks delicious and it sounds like you all enjoyed the experience! Have a great day!

  3. Dear Dave, The meals do look satisfying. I think I like the way your chicken looks best of all.
    I hope that you and Laurie have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Catherine