Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Shopping and Lunch in Etowah Tennessee

While Laurie’s sister Bonnie and her husband Bill were visiting us in October, shopping and/or browsing through gift shops and antique stores were some of the major activities.

Laurie and Bonnie have wanted wreaths made from cotton bolls for a long time.  Only a decorative tobacco wreath has been on Laurie’s list longer!  In any case, we had found a decorator’s shop in Etowah Tennessee that said that they could build the wreaths once the cotton crop came in.  So we headed down to Etowah with our first stop planned at Linda’s Creative Accents to shop and to pick up the coveted wreaths…

I took these photos of Linda’s Creative Accents from their website.  It’s a fun place to shop for the unusual items that add that little something to your home décor.  The ladies were very happy with their wreaths!
Linda’s Creative Accents is located at 712 Tennessee Avenue (US Hwy. 411) in Etowah Tennessee.  Phone: 423-781-7146.  Linda’s website is found at

We also stopped by Whitie’s Antiques at 720 Tennessee Avenue in Etowah.  Phone: 423-263-4568.  This antique shop is located in that striking building with the tower and arched doorways.  It’s a former bank right across the street from the Etowah railroad depot. 

Whitie’s Antiques has some of the best antiques that we’ve seen here in East Tennessee.  It’s not just a collection of ‘old stuff’.  Whitie’s specializes in Primitives and Country and they also have a few newer high quality items for sale.  I bought this beautiful Cherokee Basket to add to Laurie's collection, re an early birthday present!  

Then it was time for lunch!

This is The Farmhouse Restaurant in Etowah.  One would think that a restaurant would have to be on Etowah’s main street, Tennessee Avenue (US Hwy. 411), in order to succeed and survive.  This certainly isn’t true as regards The Farmhouse Restaurant.  It is a popular spot that's on a side street away from downtown and a long block removed west of Tennessee Avenue. 

I took this photo of Bill, Bonnie and Laurie relaxing on The Farmhouse Restaurant’s front porch.  The ladies are always happy when they’re shopping, especially if they bought something!

The interior of The Farmhouse Restaurant is warm, cozy and loaded with kitschy decorations everywhere!  It was well after 1PM on a Thursday and the main dining room was very busy…

I will start out by apologizing for the first 2 food photos… We started eating before remembering to take a picture in both instances.  This was the plate of cornbread that came with our lunches.  The muffins were above average. 

We darn near wiped out the Fried Green Tomatoes before I got around to taking a photo!   This was a nice version of this southern staple.  We all enjoyed them…again above average.

Bill opted for the fried bologna sandwich with chips on the side.  It was just the kind of lunch he wanted and something that isn’t normally on a menu back in St. Louis Missouri where they live. 

I had the chopped steak dinner with 2 sides.  For my sides I went with the white beans and the mashed potatoes and gravy.  The beans were good if a bit salty and the potatoes and gravy were fine.  I’ve never had a chopped steak like this one though.  It was just so so…

Laurie had chicken and stuffing with beets and pea salad as her sides.  She liked her meal, especially the pea salad.  If this were my meal, I would have asked the question: “Where’s the Chicken?”  There was plenty of sage stuffing and it was pretty good but the chicken was minimal. 

In fairness, prices at The Farmhouse Restaurant are very reasonable…i.e. Low!  You would have a hard time spending much money for any meal on the menu.

Bonnie ordered a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich and she chose French fries over the potato chips.  She was satisfied with her lunch.

In my opinion, the food at The Farmhouse Restaurant is just average but the value is above average.  You could feed a family of 4 here for under $25.00!  

The Farmhouse Restaurant is located at 1201 Ohio Avenue in Etowah Tennessee.  Phone: 423-263-3276.  There is a website listed on the Internet showing this address but for another restaurant outside of Tennessee.  The Farmhouse Restaurant can be found on Facebook at

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for lunch!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. We'd eaten at the Farmhouse and I think our experience was similar to yours.

  2. fried bologna, reminds me of my Indiana days!

  3. Sounds like a busy and fun day, Dave, and I love all the vintage items in your photos. The food looks pretty good, too! :)