Monday, August 9, 2010

Bye Bye Buddy...

Today was a sad day. We lost a member of our family... His name was Buddy and we'd rescued him from a shelter a little more than 5 years ago. In the last two months, he'd lost about a third of his body weight, he was becoming uneasy and uncomfortable and he was diagnosed with a severe case of diabetes. We'll miss him on our laps, helping us when we work on the our computer and especially his assistance in holding the pages of Laurie's books when she reads in bed at night. He'll be joining Max, Fluffy, Lhasa and Hank in Cat Heaven...

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  1. DAve and Laurie,

    We are sorry you lost Buddy. There is sadness and some tears in our home for you guys. Buddy is also with Sox and Sundance.

    Jim and Kris