Friday, November 12, 2010

Memphis Barbeque!

In October, we'd taken a road trip out to Missouri and Kansas, visiting friends and family and just doing some 'backroading'. The rule is the less we use the four lane 'superslabs', the better!

In any case, on our way back home we passed through the Memphis area and we couldn't resist stopping at a local barbecue landmark for lunch.

This attractive old building is the Germantown Commissary, located appropriately enough, in Germantown TN. The town is an upscale suburb of Memphis.

Laurie ordered the BBQ Half Chicken. As you can see, it came with a roll, beans, slaw and half of a deviled egg. Laurie really enjoyed the chicken.
We both agreed that the deviled egg wasn't as delicious as the ones Laurie makes... Yummy! The slaw was very good but the beans just didn't measure up to the standard set by Jack Stack BBQ in Kansas City.

I ordered the 2-Meat Combo Platter, with the BBQ Baby Back Ribs and a sausage link. The link was very nice and the ribs were excellent! They were cooked just right and they were very meaty. These were the only ribs we've enjoyed in the past couple of years that were as good as those produced by our talented friend, Larry, aka "Big Dude". (

As this was lunch...and we knew what I'd planned for our road trip dinner...we were going to skip dessert. But then we saw Banana Pudding on the menu...and couldn't resist!
It was Excellent!

As a side note, Commissaries historically were small country stores in the south that sold everything from food to apparel. The building housing the restaurant had been used as a commissary/country store for over 90 years.
The Germantown Commissary is listed in "Roadfood", a coast-to-coast guide written by Jane & Michael Stern, that lists 700 classic places to eat across the USA. The Commissary is located at 2290 Germantown Road. Hours are M - S from 9 am to 9 pm and Sundays from 11 am to 8 pm. Phone: 901-754-5540. Website:

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  1. Thanks for the kind words - sounds like you had a good que experience there.