Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trick or Treat!

This year, Laurie (Nana) and I (Papa), were lucky enough to be visiting our son and his wife's home at Halloween! Where we live now, we don't have any trick or treaters. Back in Chicago, we could expect 200+ little witches & goblins at our door. So, this was a chance to enjoy our grandson's at this high point of their year...and to revisit the Halloween experience in general.

This is Emmett Lee...our youngest grandson. The costume was his idea...any guesses? Turn off the lights and the reflective tape does it's thing...and we have a stick figure!

This is David III, our oldest grandson. As in Emmett's case, David came up with this rather original costume idea, avoiding the old 'superhero' routine!

Any guesses? The controller by his right hand should be a dead giveaway! He's a Couch Potato!! He did experience a little operational difficulty though... This costume made it a bit tougher to run from house to house. No fear though...he persevered and succeeded in his 'collection' efforts!

Ahhhh, shades of the days, actually decades, gone by... I can remember when I took that little fellow on my right out trick or treating on Halloween! It was non-stop for us...the houses were close together and 'he' really raked in the goodies!

So, in this photo, we have David III and Emmett Lee in the front row, with myself and David II in the second row. The grandsons kept going for quite a while...with Amy picking up the 2nd shift with David II...while I joined Nana on the candy detail at the house.

How did the boys do with their trick or treating efforts? Check out the photos below...and keep in mind that what is shown is only what hadn't been eaten 3 days after Halloween! (Note: By the time that these photos were taken, both grandsons had classified and inventoried the remaining loot)

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