Friday, January 21, 2011

Breakfast on the Menu!

Our friend Larry is always posting his great looking breakfasts on his blog site. ( Well, following our trip to Ye Olde Steak House, Laurie and I found ourselves with a bit of leftover steak to work with...

I 'butterflied' my remaining piece of New York strip and pan fried it with a little Worcestershire Sauce, butter and onion powder. Add 3 fried eggs easy over and a couple of slices of toast using VG Bakery's English muffin bread and this was one very tasty breakfast!

Laurie heated her very tender and flavorful piece of rib eye in the microwave...she wanted to minimize the effect of cooking it further. Add her toast, 3 eggs easy over plus a glass of OJ for good measure...nice!

While we love a good breakfast, usually we take the easy way out...cereal, a smoothie, toast & jam...something simple. This was a nice change and since it's been hard to find a really good breakfast in East Tennessee, we deserved this treat!

We buy the English muffin bread, great for BLT's!), at VG's Bakery. VG's Bakery is located at 11552 Kingston Pike, in Farragut TN (in the strip mall with Kohl's) Phone: 865-671-8077. For a look at their bakery 'menu', check them out at

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