Monday, January 3, 2011

Wok Star!

WokStar is a fairly new restaurant in Lenoir City Tennessee. It serves high quality Asian cuisine at a reasonable price. The format is simple... Go to the counter and order your food from a menu. Then pick up your drinks and silverware from a counter at the back of the restaurant and find a table that you like. The server brings the food out to you when it's ready... We've been to Wok Star on two other occasions, but we always started eating before we remembered to take photos!

WokStar is a chef owned restaurant. From what we understand, the owner/chef spent many years working in other restaurants, most notably P.F. Chang's. The food is prepared right out in the open so, if you'd like, you can watch the cook prepare your food. One other item is worthy of note. WokStar does serve include TsingTao, Kirin and addition to several other standard brands.

Laurie, Dawn Marie, (visiting from Miami), and myself stopped by for dinner a couple of days ago. Laurie tried a new menu item, the Cantonese Duck with white rice. This is described on the menu as tender roasted duck, stir-fried with snap peas, red bell peppers & fresh mango in a sweet and sour sauce. Laurie left out the red peppers and added the she spiced it up a bit. She reported that it was just right and very tasty!

Laurie also ordered a cup of Hot & Sour Soup. Since they didn't remember it when the food was served, they upgraded her to a bowl instead of a cup at no charge. She couldn't finish it but that enabled me to try it... It was very good...

WokStar also has Egg Drop Soup and Wonton Soup on the menu.

Dawn Marie opted for Chicken Kung Pao with brown rice at a normal level of spiciness. The chicken is quick fried with peanuts, chili peppers, celery and onions. Dawn reported that her meal was very nice...a bit spicier than she'd expected...but very good.

Of course, I went for some serious heat! I ordered the Beef Orange Dynasty with brown rice. The beef was flash fried with sugar snap peas and fresh orange peel. I completely enjoyed every bite of my meal!

WokStar is very good at delivering your entree at the desired heat...but unless you speak up, and a flame is adjacent to the entree on the menu, your food will be spicy hot although not overwhelmingly so. If you want it to be mild, ask when you place your order...

The menu at WokStar contains 21 entrees, 8 appetizers & small plates plus the soups and it includes such items as Lettuce Wraps, Asian Dumplings, Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls, Thai Chicken Wings, Thai Coconut Curry, Fried Rice, Pad Thai Noodles, Sichuan Noodles and Lo Mein.

Laurie, Dawn & I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes Asian food. WokStar is a big step up from the usual "Asian" fare in Eastern Tennessee! The restaurant is located at 149 Kelsey Lane, Suite 108 in Lenoir City TN. Phone: 865-986-0996. Website:

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  1. True, that there really aren't too many modern Asian cuisine restaurants in Tenn.
    Awesome that they have a functional website as well.
    Thanks for the pix, I'm so hungry now!