Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vietnamese Bistro!

Our search for quality ethnic restaurants in East Tennessee has again been rewarded! Although we've only been there once, on January 7th, Vietnamese Bistro is already in line to become one of our top 5 restaurants in East Tennessee.

The restaurant had only been open for two weeks at the time of our visit. We love Vietnamese cuisine, having experienced some great Vietnamese food while living in Chicago for many years.

We were on our way to have a burger for lunch in the Turkey Creek shopping area of Farragut Tennessee, when we came across Vietnamese Bistro. Laurie made a quick 'play call' and we took an fast u-turn!

We immediately liked the clean, contemporary lines and the furnishings of the restaurant. There is a subtle Asian influence in the design. We also noted that all of the waiters were dressed in white dress shirts and black slacks, giving the restaurant another touch of class.

We began our exploration of the luncheon menu by ordering one of Laurie's favorite appetizers, Vietnamese Summer Rolls or Goi Cuon. These appetizers are made with shrimp, pork loin, vegetables, fresh herbs and vermicelli noodles wrapped in thin rice paper with our choice of peanut or citrus sauce for dipping.

They were very good...gone in a couple of minutes!

Both the waiter and the co-owner recommended the Chicken Roti and this was Laurie's choice for her entree. The dish is made with seared lemon grass, marinated pieces of chicken breast, steamed vegetables and two kinds of rice.

Not only is this an attractive dish, it was also delicious! Laurie loved it and, after she let me have a couple of bites, I agreed...a great plate of food!

For my entree, I ordered the Nem Nuong Cha Gio - cured grilled pork and Vietnamese Spring Roll (Cha Gio), served with Jasmine rice, vegetables and Nuoc Cham (Dipping Sauce). As per a recommendation from the waiter, after eating the spring roll, I mixed the other ingredients up with the Nuoc Cham sauce. He was right on the money with his suggestion! He told us that he'd eaten this dish 5 days in a row... It was very tasty!

Vietnamese Bistro is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. There is a lunch menu and an expanded dinner menu. The dinner menu includes such French Bistro items as Steak Diane with haricot vert and wild mushrooms demi-glaze, Pan Roasted Rainbow Trout and Pan Roasted Double Quail. Beer is available.

We spoke with Jackie Pham, co-owner of the restaurant. She told us that they'd applied for a liquor license that would allow them to serve wine as well. For now, you can bring a bottle of wine with you. The restaurant will accommodate up to 130 diners.

Vietnamese Bistro is located at 11605 Parkside Drive in Farragut Tennessee. Phone: 865-675-1310.


  1. Hey Dave Daddy... I think my favotite Asian food is Vietnamese. I have become very adept at making my own FO ..... which is easy enough if you hacve an asian market anywhere near you.

    I just buy the soup mix in th epacket (full of MSG) and it's really delicious. Take care, don't be a stranger. Keri

  2. The dishes look fantastic and I really like that you guys are finding all of these great places - it may encourage me to eat out more often.