Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chattanooga Railroad Classic!

While touring Chattanooga Tennessee a couple of weeks ago, we came across this great old railroad depot! It's hard to believe but the oldest portion of this building began life as an iron foundry back in 1871. Then, in 1894, the structure was converted to a freight depot by the old Eastern Kentucky and Georgia Railroad.

The E.K.&GA Railroad and this building were subsequently taken over by the Southern Railroad in 1901. In the late 1970's, John's railroad salvage made it's home here.
Then, in 1983, the building was designated as a National Historic Landmark and was entered in the National Register of Historic Places.

The building was purchased by Henderson, Hutcherson and McCulloch, PLLC, CPA's. HHM is an accounting, consulting and investment firm. They tore down external walls that were not of historical value and then preserved as much of the interior as possible, including their use of the old wood for such items as doors and conference tables.

One quirky design item that was preserved was the slightly slanted floor which apparently made it easier to load or off-load the boxcars. Leaving the track along the back of the building was another nice touch that adds to the authentic ambiance of the structure. Renovations were completed in 2007. This handsome depot is located at 1200 Market Street in Chattanooga.

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