Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trains...Now & Almost Gone!

On a back roads trip through Central Georgia this past year, we went to the city of Social Circle, mostly to check out a restaurant that we'd eaten at several years earlier... While the restaurant was a big disappointment, we did have a good time touring the back roads near the town.
This is the former Georgia Railroad Co. depot in Social Circle. It was built in 1913 and, as you can see, part of the building has been demolished. The depot now serves as a line office for CSX.

Excellent photos of the other end of this depot, as well as a treasure trove of photographs of most, if not all, existing Georgia railroad depots may be found on-line at
Here we have two CSX locomotives in the 'yard' at Social Circle. One is a GM Electro-Motive SD-40 and the other is an SD-40-2. Both engines generate 3,000 H.P. It's hard to comprehend, but over 5,200 of these SD model locomotives have been built.

After our meal time letdown, we drove along some country roads, checking out the sights while simultaneously looking for a couple of railroad depots along the way.
Near Monroe Georgia, we stumbled across this rail facility belonging to Rail Trusts Equipment, Inc. It appeared to be a combination reconditioning facility and the train version of an auto junk yard.

There were several locomotives in various conditions and states of repair scattered around the property. We photographed these 3 units but there were many more.
Apparently, our instincts were very close to the truth. Rail Trusts Equipment, Inc. is based in Jacksonville Beach Florida and adjacent to their on-line title, they've listed 'locomotives, rail cars & parts'.

They customize, re-market, buy, sell and lease railroad rolling stock. Although this find looked a little depressing and while we're sure that some of the locomotives on site were destined to be 'harvested' for parts, many of these units are reconditioned and leased to rail companies throughout North America. For some great photos of reconditioned units, just go to

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