Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hot Pastrami Search!

Since moving to East Tennessee from Chicago, we've been searching for a number of food items that we were used to, but that are hard to find here in paradise. (This is a way nicer place to retire than Chicago...which is a terrific Big City!)
One food item that we crave is a hot pastrami sandwich! In Chicago there was Manny's. In East Tennessee so far, we have Jason's Deli and we now have Webster's Deli.

This is Webster's Hot Pastrami. It was a nice sandwich. Laurie thought that it was better than Jason's. I thought that Jason's was better. We'll have to do another taste comparison to determine the winner!
The swirled rye bread was very nice but softer than the rye that usually comes with hot pastrami. Laurie thought that the meat was sliced just right...and I thought that it was a little too thinly sliced. We both agreed that it was much leaner than we're used to, therefore healthier but not as flavorful. Still, this was a nice sandwich...the staff was eager to please...and we'll be back!
Webster's Deli is is a local operation located at 12744 Kingston Pike in Farragut, TN. Phone: 865-675-2242. They also serve breakfast, make paninis and subs. Their hot pastrami competition, (so far), is Jason's Deli. (part of a large chain) The Jason's location where we've eaten is located at 133 North Peters Road in Knoxville. Phone: 865-357-3354. Website:
Any other leads on a great East Tennessee Hot Pastrami sandwich will be appreciated!

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  1. I'll have to fix you guys one of mine so I can benchmark it against these and Chicago.