Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bed and Breakfast...

During our end of summer road trip, we stopped in Skaneateles New York for one night… It is a beautiful area with a great little downtown area that we didn’t have a chance to really explore. 

For our stay in this upscale small town, we decided to skip the big chain motels or hotels…and try something more local.

Finger Lakes Lodging is a quaint Adirondack ‘great camp’ style motel.   It was well maintained and charming on the outside.

That Adirondack ‘look’ is carried over to the rooms.  It was full of ‘stick’ style furniture and, as you can see, the bed was covered with a big wool Hudson Bay type blanket.  While not the greatest room ever…just a bit small…it was comfortable enough and it was clean.

However, the best part about Finger Lakes Lodging was the price.  The room came in at several dollars under $100 for the night, including taxes.  This motel is owned by the same group that owns and manages the upscale Mirbeau Inn and Spa that’s just down the block.  Finger Lakes Lodging is located at 834 West Genesee Street in Skaneateles New York.  Phone: 315-217-0222.  Website:
The next morning, when we were ready for breakfast, we decided to try the restaurant just across the street from our motel…

It’s a Restaurant and Bowling Center… This combination brings back memories of our favorite breakfast, (and sandwich), joint ever!  It was the Snack Shop and Bowling Alley in Des Plaines Illinois…now long gone.  But I digress…back to current history.

The restaurant was fairly busy, despite the fact that it was after the early morning 'rush'...we’re not exactly ‘break of dawn’ travelers.

Yes, the ‘north woods look’ once again popped up inside the Hilltop Restaurant.  It reminded us a little of restaurants in northern Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

This was my breakfast.  Lots of food!  How about buttered toast, 2 eggs over easy done right, 2 big sausage patties and some ‘chunked’ fried potatoes… I would prefer hash browns but chunky fried potatoes seemed to be the ‘in thing’ for breakfast in New York and Pennsylvania.  Still, this was a good breakfast!

Laurie loves waffles and she thought that this waffle was good…but her hang up is that she likes and appreciates it if the restaurant serves their waffles with whipped or soft butter so it’s easier to spread and it gets in all those nooks and crannies!

Service at the Hilltop Restaurant was very efficient and friendly.  The food was good and the price was right.  Stop by if you’re ever in the area. 
Hilltop Restaurant and Cedar House Bowling Center is located at 813 West Genesee Street in Skaneateles New York.  Phone: 315-685-0016  (No, neither one of us can pronounce the town’s name either!)
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  1. Looks like two good choices - I supposed you bowled a couple of lines before hitting the road.