Saturday, October 8, 2011

Grilling – Hot & Now!

My idea of grilling is certainly not sophisticated… Season the meat and let it sit for awhile.  Then, crank up the burners to the maximum and slap the protein on the grill and stand by for a quick and tasty dinner!

Here was one of our dinners from this past week.  Start with a pork steak direct from the gas grill…with Gates Hot BBQ sauce applied to both sides when the meat was close to done…just enough to caramelize it a little.  Add a nice piece of buttered bread and a lettuce wedge accompanied by produce from the Farmer’s Market in Delano Tennessee…two different types of cherry tomatoes and fresh radishes.  Now this is a meal…basic, but one of our favorites!

Just click on the photo to enlarge it…and to whet your appetite!
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