Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Family Visit…

Since moving to paradise down here in East Tennessee, we have had visits from lots of friends and especially from our relatives!  This time, our visitors came from my side of the family and they came all the way down from Dexter Michigan.

This is my cousin John and myself visiting the air powered pistol and rifle booth at the Sweetwater Flea Market in Sweetwater Tennessee.  John was looking for a pistol so he could discourage varmits around his home… The number of choices was almost overwhelming but the operator of this booth was patient and he knew his stuff!  He even had his booth set up so his customers could test fire the ‘weapons’. 

For more on the huge and mostly indoor Sweetwater Tennessee Flea Market, just go to  It’s an entertaining place where you can buy just about anything.

From left to right around the table…our friend Karen (Charlie’s wife), Karen (John’s wife), John, our friend Charlie, myself and Laurie.  An accomodating waitress stood on a chair to take this photo…

The Tanasi Café is located on County Road 444 in Loudon County Tennessee.  The restaurant offers great views and good if not gourmet food…at a reasonable price.   For more information you can just go to

Here are the two Karen’s… Charlie and Karen took us all out on their boat…and we cruised over to the restaurant for dinner.  The restaurant is located on Tellico Lake, which was created by the Tennessee Valley Authority by damming up the lower Tellico River and the Little Tennessee River.

Cousin John was apparently studying the shoreline as we were cruising along in the boat.  Tellico Lake has 357 miles of shoreline and it covers about 1,600 acres.  Some segments of the shoreline are lined with lakeside homes and many of them are pretty darn nice!

The lake was very calm on our way back to Charlie and Karen’s place and Laurie took a few photos of the setting sun…

I really like the subtle tones and lighting in this photo. 

In addtion to a dinner at our house, meeting our friends, boating, eating out and going to the flea market, we gave John and Karen a tour of the area and then took them over to Bald River Falls in the Cherokee National Forest.  It was a busy couple of days…

I had to include this photo… This was taken at Charlie and Karen’s house.  We have Ali on the left and Junior on the right.  I wonder what they’re thinking as they both gaze into that basket?  I could write a couple of different captions for this scene… Junior was probably thinking that if Ali got in the basket, he’d have the pleasure of kicking her out!

We’re sure that John and Karen enjoyed their visit!  Laurie’s oldest sister and her husband are coming up in October and we’re already in the final planning stages for their stay…
Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…
Thanks for stopping by for a visit!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Being on the lake at nightfall is about my favorite time. Laurie got some good shots.

  2. haha yeah they were surely thinking who would make the first move to get in that basket.

  3. It sounds like you had a great visit. Your guests can never complain about being bored :-). Your photos are wonderful. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. hey you really had a nice and fun time David! I love the cats picture:))